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The Captain's Kid

(1936 b 73')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A little girl helps an old man find a treasure and escape a murder charge.

Sheriff Pengast (Granville Bates) puts Asa Plunkett (Guy Kibbee) in jail for ten days for drunkenness. Marcia Prentiss (May Robson) tells little Abigail Prentiss (Sybil Jason) to stay away from Asa. Betsy Ann Prentiss (Jane Bryan) is home from school and is in love with Tom Squires (Fred Lawrence). Abigail manages to visit Asa, but Marcia takes her away from him. Asa says he drinks because Marcia didn't marry him. Abigail finds an old map in the attic and sneaks out at night to give it to Asa. She helps him escape, and Asa goes with Tom to the sheriff, asking for time off. Asa shows the map to Chester, who goes to charter a boat with Mabel (Maude Allen), as Asa goes in Tom's boat. Tom sings "Drifting Along," and Abigail and Betsy appear as stowaways. Abigail sings "I am the Captain's Kid." On Bird Island Asa has Abigail, Betsy, and Tom take the pirate's oath. Marcia gets the sheriff to go after Asa for kidnapping. Asa and Tom dig and find a chest of treasure. Chester pulls a gun, but Abigail gets it and gives it to Asa. While Mabel struggles with him, Asa shoots Chester. Sheriff Pengast and Marcia find Chester dead, and deputy Jake (Victor Potel) arrests Asa.

Bridges plans to defend Asa until they learn from the mayor that the treasure belongs to the town. Marcia warns Betsy that Tom is like Asa and threatens to lock her up like Abigail, but Abigail is smuggled out in a laundry basket by John (Gus Shy) and Libby (Mary Trean). Abigail gives Asa a pistol and two knives. Jake and Mabel testify, and Asa asks no questions. Abigail tells the judge that Asa killed two tourists and has a gun. Marcia spanks her in court. The jury recommends a trial. Betsy blames Abigail for their having to go to New York; but Abigail gets John to drive her to see Asa. She kisses him good-bye and cries. John tells Mabel he knows her from prison, but he is knocked out. Abigail and John follow her car, which crashes. Police arrest her. The sheriff tells Asa that the man he killed was a murderer, and Asa gets a $10,000 reward and the treasure. Marcia apologizes to Asa and lets Betsy marry Tom. Asa and Marcia are going to marry; but Asa goes fishing for mackerel with Abigail.

This highly unlikely story enables the audience to share the adventures of Asa and Abigail in finding treasure and converting a killing into the capturing of a wanted murderer for a reward.

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