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Brides Are Like That

(1936 b 67')

En: 4 Ed: 5

Based on Barry Connor's play Applesauce, a broke college graduate with no job persuades his girl-friend to marry him instead of a doctor and finds a way to end their financial worries.

After paying for college, Fred Schultz (Joseph Cawthorn) refuses to loan money to his nephew Bill McAllister (Ross Alexander). Bill charged an engagement ring to Fred; he brings Hazel Robinson (Anita Louise) roses and gives her the ring, but she was just engaged to Dr. Randolph Jenkins (Dick Purcell). Randolph tells Bill he is not practical. Bill praises flattery and says happiness is like a kiss; you have to give it to someone else.

At a Thanksgiving party Bill dances with Mary Ann Coleridge (Kay Hughes); he cuts in with Hazel and asks to see her. Randolph complains, and Hazel leaves with her parents. Her father John Robinson (Gene Lockhart) threatens to kick Bill out. Randolph comes in and tells Hazel not to see Bill; but she listens as Bill tells Randolph he is glad Hazel is marrying him, because marriage is so bad. Hazel tells Randolph she heard and gives his ring back. After Randolph leaves, Bill comes back and asks Hazel to marry. Hazel calls him a cynic and says no; but when Bill says he will ask Mary Ann, Hazel kisses Bill. Randolph comes in, and Hazel tells him she is engaged to Bill. Bill asks her father's permission, but he refuses. Bill and Hazel go out to get married.

Bill works on an invention and plays golf with Tom Carter (Joseph Crehan). Fred tells Hazel he might put Bill in jail if the bills aren't paid. Hazel's mother Ella Robinson (Kathleen Lockhart) tells Hazel to get a divorce; but John says he has a job for Bill. Hazel tells them Bill is kind and gets John to kiss Ella, causing her to cry. John gives Hazel money for rent. Hazel gets a call from Bill and burns the biscuits. Bill finds her crying; he tells her he needs carbon from burned biscuits and gives her chocolates for the anniversary of their first kiss. Bill sold the car to pay the rent and buy a tent for camping. He says he doesn't need a job, because he plans to live with Uncle Fred. Hazel says Fred locks the door. Fred comes in and asks about the bills. John and Ella Robinson come in and learn Bill can't take the job, because he has no car. Bill says he can sell selected apples; he invented a box to preserve fresh apples. He calls Carter, who says he will back Bill's apple boxes. Fred offers Bill a partnership, and John Robinson will give him a half interest. The three become partners, and everyone is happy.

In this story the audience wonders if Bill is just lazy and all talk; but his positive philosophy of love and optimism is affirmed when his invention wins approval, making a believing audience feel good.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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