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We're in the Money

(1935 b 66')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Two women serve subpoenas for an incompetent lawyer, but one of them learns that the chauffeur she loves is the rich object of the suit.

In a park "Carter" (Ross Alexander) in a chauffeur uniform kisses Ginger Stewart (Joan Blondell). Dixie Tilton (Glenda Farrell) picks up Ginger to go to work. They enter a men's club steam-room to serve a subpoena. Dixie and Ginger tell attorney Homer Bronson (Hugh Herbert) that they quit. Claire LeClaire (Anita Kerry) comes in to complain about her breach-of-promise suit. Max (Hobart Cavanaugh) shows Homer three injured men, who tried to serve subpoenas. Homer says Congress is abolishing breach-of-promise suits and offers Ginger and Dixie $1,000 to serve four subpoenas.

Stephen Dinsmore (Henry O'Neill) laments that C. Richard Courtney (Ross Alexander) lessens his inherited fortune on LeClaire's suit. Ginger meets Carter for kissing. At a nightclub while Phil Logan (Phil Regan) is singing, Ginger gives him flowers with a summons. Butch Gonzola (Lionel Stander) calls Courtney that Logan was served. Ginger goes out with Butch and his boys, takes him home alone and gives him a summons while protected by Dixie's friend Clancy (Edward Gargan), a cop. Ginger and Dixie go to a wrestling match to serve Man Mountain Dean.

Homer takes Ginger and Dixie to Courtney's apartment. Attorney Dinsmore warns Courtney to leave. They can't get a taxi, but Homer gives Courtney and Dinsmore a wild ride in a car. Courtney gives Homer his card to make a call as he takes off in a motor-boat. Homer calls Dixie to come to the harbor. Homer tries to drive a boat. Ginger and Dixie jump in his boat. Near the yacht Ginger jumps in the water and is rescued. Ginger learns that Carter is Courtney and gives him the subpoena. Dinsmore has Ginger thrown overboard, and Courtney saves her. Ginger dives in, but Dinsmore tells Courtney they must keep her on the boat for two weeks. Ginger refuses to eat and quarrels with Courtney, breaking a Ming vase on his head.

Dixie tells Homer that Ginger wired her to bring silk stockings. Ginger throws away the summons and kisses Courtney; but Dixie gives Courtney a subpoena. He rejects Ginger, who complains to Dixie and Homer because she was going to marry him. In the trial Homer questions Butch and Logan. Courtney testifies that he will marry LeClaire to protect himself from gold-diggers. Ginger learns that Homer fixed the photo. She, Dixie, and Homer rush to stop Courtney's wedding to LeClaire, who blames Homer and blackmails him. Ginger refuses to see Courtney; but they meet in the park and kiss.

This farce implies that the notorious breach-of-promise suits are about to be outlawed because women use them to blackmail men. In role reversal clever women make men look foolish.

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