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Traveling Saleslady

(1935 b 63')

En: 5 Ed: 5

The daughter of a toothpaste owner sells cocktail toothpaste for his competitor while falling for her rival salesman.

Rufus K. Twitchell (Grant Mitchell) calls Murdock (Joseph Crehan) about toothpaste sales. Pat O'Connor (William Gargan) gives Murdock his sales orders and complains that Twitchell does not advertise. Angela Twitchell (Joan Blondell) and Elmer Niles (Hugh Herbert) wait to see Twitchell. Angela sees Murdock show her father ideas, but he rejects them. Angela asks her father for a job, but he says no and won't see Elmer. Angela asks Elmer his idea, which is liquor-flavored toothpaste. Twitchell won't listen; so she goes with Elmer to his competitor Schmidt (Al Shean). Angela asks for a penny a tube royalty, and Schmidt agrees. Angela goes to sell a drugstore company, but Claudette Ruggles (Glenda Farrell) says they sell mostly Twitchell. Angela tells Pat she will outsell him on the road, and he sees her cocktail toothpaste everywhere he goes.

Angela makes a sale, and Pat does not; but he takes her to dinner. Pat takes an early train to sell Scoville, but she already did. Claudette finds Pat, who puts her with Harry Trivers (Bert Roach) while he goes out with Angela. Pat accuses her of stealing his business, but he loves her. She says she fell for him too, and they kiss. Twitchell says he had to lay off 300 employees, but Schmidt hired them. Schmidt praises Angela, and Elmer does an experiment. Mrs. Twitchell (Ruth Donnelly) tells Angela that Pat is coming for dinner. Angela hides and listens to Pat's plans to destroy her. Angela tells her father to merge with Schmidt, but he ignores the advice of a woman. Angela flies to Chicago before Pat and tells a pilot what to do with Pat and Claudette. Angela sells Pat's uncle, and the pilot writes "cocktail toothpaste" in the sky. Pat goes out with Claudette, who invites buyers to a party in his room; but Angela gets them transferred with a sign. Pat complains to Angela. Harry tells Angela that Pat took Claudette away from him. Angela barges in on Pat and Claudette, calls him her fiancé but leaves with Claudette. Twitchell announces a merger and offers to make Pat sales manager; but Schmidt declines the deal. Angela comes in, and Pat learns that she is Twitchell's daughter while Twitchell learns she owns the formula. She insists on a merger and suggests Pat marry her.

This comedy about selling has a strong feminist theme as the father blindly discounts women and his daughter while she succeeds better than the best men.

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