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Times Square Lady

(1935 b 68')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A young woman inherits a sports empire and faces crooked businessmen trying to take it away from her; but she sells it to the man she loves.

Toni Bradley (Virginia Bruce) inherits her father's sports businesses and is greeted by Mr. Fielding (Henry Kolker). She hires Babe Sweeney (Isabel Jewell) as her secretary. At a nightclub Pinky Tomlin tries to sing. Steve Gordon (Robert Taylor) comes in with Margo Heath (Helen Twelvetrees) and tells Toni that she owns the place. Toni lets Pinky sing "The Object of My Affection." Steve dances with Toni, and Toni hires Pinky. Fielding tells Toni that she faces bankruptcy with a woman in charge, but she refuses to sell. Fielding tells Steve to work on her, and he says it will be a pleasure. Margo is jealous. Fielding tells Steve to take Toni to a hockey game, where she sees a player (Ward Bond) club his teammate Bucky Pearson because he was going to say they were throwing the match. Pearson still wants to talk and is murdered.

Steve gives $500 to his man Mack (Nat Pendleton). Toni tells Steve she wants hockey coach Culver fired. Pinky comes to see Steve, and Mack gets him dancing and is joined by Steve and Toni. At the dog races Toni finds a crowd and a dog poisoned. Steve buys stockings for her, pretending to be her husband; but she gets upset when he won't invite her to his place. Barney Engel tells Fielding he is eager to buy the Bradley properties. Pinky drives Toni and sings "What's the Reason I'm Not Pleasin' You?" They run out of gas and walk to a house, where Pinky sings and milks a cow. Fielding tells Steve he is failing. Steve tells Toni that he is quitting, because she is being played for a sucker. Toni wants Steve to run the businesses, and she offers them to him for only $25,000. Steve tells Fielding and the others that he will buy it for them; but they are suspicious. Fielding questions Mack and knows that he is a wanted criminal. Steve calls his banker for money. Margo asks Steve about Toni. When Steve tells Margo it is over, she stalks out and tells Fielding about Steve's money. Steve calls Engel to close the deal for $300,000. Steve is abducted in a car. Mack tells Toni he ratted on Steve. Pinky, Toni, and Mack follow in a car. Steve breaks free and gets in their car. Mack gives Steve a gun, and he shoots the tires of those shooting at them. In the final scene Steve and Toni take a boat trip and plan to marry.

Businessmen try to cheat a woman out of her inheritance primarily because of her sex, exposing corruption and its violence; but she falls in love with the man who appears to be honest and is willing to take it over and marry her.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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