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(1935 b 73')

En: 6 Ed: 7

A woman helps people through Traveler's Aid and is romanced by a man with a work ethic building the Golden Gate bridge challenged by corruption.

Lynn Palmer (Kay Francis) with Traveler's Aid helps a little girl get to Portland. Grace asks Lynn to take Velma Tuthill (Patricia Ellis) into her apartment because her mother donates money. Velma calls Jack (Gavin Gordon) that she fooled her mother. Mack Hale (George Brent) angrily asks where Stan Januaschek is. John (Donald Woods) invites Lynn to a lecture. Lynn tells Mack he was the first man to kiss her, and he asks her out. Mack supervises construction of the Golden Gate Bridge. Sharkey (Barton MacLane) asks Mack for $5,000 for his protection league, but Mack tells him to get out. Velma learns that flowers from Mack are for Lynn. Mack gives Lynn two weeks to size him up. Velma and Jack join their table, but Mack and Lynn dance and leave. Mack shows Lynn the bridge and kisses her.

Sharkey pays men to make trouble on the bridge, and Mack lays off a crew for a man drinking until they can replace him. Jimmy Rivers (Frankie Darro) is brought to Lynn to find his father. She sends him to Mack for a job. Lynn found Stan (Robert Barrat) for Mack. She learns that Jimmy's father is in jail but tells him he is on a cruise. Mack accompanies Lynn with four foreign brides. Lynn visits a pregnant woman and takes her to a hospital. Mack sees Mike Gibbons (John Wray) with tramps and gives him a job. Mack takes Lynn to dinner and in a canoe. Mack spends time waiting for Lynn and tells her he believes in work, not helping. Mack gets a call from Sharkey and goes to the bridge. Mack orders an ambulance and fights Sharkey, who loses but wounds Mack with a knife. Lynn takes care of Mack, who says they are getting married. Lynn says she likes her job, but he insists she quit. She goes on, and Mack says good-bye.

Sharkey pays Gibbons to give workers alcohol, and Mack fires a crew. Drunk Johnny Quinn (Joseph Crehan) walks toward Mack and falls to his death. Mack checks every man and fires crews with anyone drinking. Lynn learns that bridge workers may walk out. Sharkey promises bonuses for a walk-out, but Gibbons feels guilty for giving Quinn alcohol. Lynn tries to call Mack, and Jimmy tells her he is with Velma. Lynn goes to them and warns Mack of Sharkey influencing the men. Tuthill (Henry O'Neill) tells Mack they can't shut down bridge work. At the meeting Mack is blamed for Quinn's death. Lynn speaks that Sharkey is controlling them. Mack comes in with Stan bringing Sharkey. Mack explains what Sharkey did, and Gibbons says he caused Quinn's death. Mack turns Sharkey over to the men, who attack him. Mack asks Lynn to forgive him and accepts her terms; they kiss.

Made during the building of the elegant bridge, this drama contrasts Lynn's charitable work with Mack's social Darwinism. His tough approach is effective; but her love triumphs in the end in this feminist film.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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