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Our Little Girl

(1935 b 65')

En: 5 Ed: 6

A little girl is upset by her parents' breaking up and manages to pull them back together.

Medical doctor Don Middleton (Joel McCrea) is assisted in his research by his nurse Sarah Boynton (Erin O'Brien-Moore), whom he calls Boynton. Molly (Shirley Temple) helps her mother Elsa Middleton (Rosemary Ames) bake a cake for May Saturday. Don calls he can't make dinner, but Elsa and Molly persuade him to stop work on that special day. They picnic, and Don dips Molly in the water. They see Rolfe Brent (Lyle Talbot) riding a horse, and Rolfe invites Elsa to go riding. Molly goes to bed at 8. Elsa wishes that Don would ride with her or something. Don leaves for New York, but he will be too busy to take Elsa. She rides with Rolfe. Molly greets Don, and Elsa welcomes him with a kiss. Don reluctantly agrees to dine at Rolfe's. Rolfe says that he has too much time and Don not enough. Boynton comes to get Don for an emergency. She praises him for saving a life. Don comes home to Molly, and Rolfe brings Elsa home. Don is jealous of what Elsa said to Rolfe.

Molly complains to the maid Amy (Margaret Armstrong) that she doesn't have dinner with her father and mother anymore. Rolfe arrives, and Molly says she doesn't like him. Rolfe leaves, thinking Elsa doesn't either. He tells Elsa what Molly said to him. Don shows Boynton his scholarship, and she tells Don she loves him. Rolfe tells Molly that she is going to live at his house with a pony. Elsa explains that she won't be married to Don. Molly looks forward to "heaven's gate" on September Saturday with her parents. Don comes home, and Molly cries. Don says things have changed and carries in Molly. Elsa tells Don that she is leaving Saturday. Rolfe tells Don that he gave Elsa to him, because he's always at the office. Don takes Molly to the circus. Boynton comes to send Don to the hospital, while she stays with Molly; but Molly sneaks out and goes home. Elsa comes back, though Rolfe objects. Molly hears Rolfe say that they could be happy if it weren't for Molly. Molly runs away with her dog and talks with a homeless tramp (J. Farrell MacDonald). Boynton and Don can't find Molly but get a call. The tramp tells Molly that he'd like to have a girl like her. Rolfe tells Boynton that Elsa and Don still love each other. The tramp tells Don what it's like to lose a child and that Molly went to heaven's gate. Don finds Molly swimming. Elsa arrives and is glad they are all together again.

This story depicts the common frustration of the bored housewife of a husband who is too busy with his work. The child's love and their love for the child keep them together in that difficult circumstance.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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