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No More Ladies

(1935 b 81')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Based on the play by A. E. Thomas, a woman marries a playboy, gets jealous, and finds a lover to show she can do it too.

Stood up by Sherry, Marcia (Joan Crawford) tells Fanny (Edna May Oliver) she is going to bed early. Fanny cheats in a game with dull Oliver (Reginald Denny). Sherry Warren (Robert Montgomery) arrives and goes up to Marcia's bedroom, giving her a watch he got from Duffy. Marcia goes out dancing with Sherry and drinking with tipsy Edgar (Charles Ruggles). Jim Salston (Franchot Tone) resents Sherry for having stolen his wife Diana. Edgar tells Sherry that Marcia took his car with Duffy. Sherry returns to Fanny, who says that Oliver wants to marry Marcia. She comes in and says she left Duffy by a lake. Marcia and Sherry go into the kitchen to eat and discuss marriage. Sherry realizes he asked her, and she agrees.

Married Marcia sends Sherry to the beach, where he flirts with Sally, who leaves. Marcia arrives and is jealous. In a nightclub Edgar tries to get rid of Sherry, who meets Therese (Gail Patrick) first. Edgar loses Therese and suspects Sherry. Edgar leaves, and Therese keeps Sherry from meeting Marcia at the train. Edgar joins Marcia and Fanny on the train. Sherry calls Marcia and says he went home with Edgar.

The next day Sherry arrives and tells Marcia he is sorry. She slaps him and says her heart aches. She tells Fanny that Sherry will do it again. Marcia tells Sherry that guests are coming. Jim arrives and thanks Sherry for breaking up his family; his ex-wife Diana (Vivienne Osborne) and her husband Lord Moulton (Arthur Treacher) come in. They draw cards for bridge, and Marcia is out. While Diana plays the hand, Jim goes out and talks with Marcia, offering to help her. Sherry comes out to get Jim and is jealous. Therese arrives. Edgar kisses Therese, playing charades. Therese sings on the lap of Lord Moulton. Jim tells Sherry he is going out driving with Marcia. Tipsy Therese tells Marcia she hopes her marriage is okay. Sherry tells Jim to go home, and Marcia says she is going with him. Doing a charade, she and Jim disappear. Edgar tells Fanny that Sherry is packing. Marcia and Jim come back as Sherry is leaving. Marcia tells Sherry that her love for him is unfair. Sherry follows her upstairs and cries in her arms. She whispers what happened, and they kiss.

A strong woman in love with an amorous flirt decides to try to even up the double standard in this comedy in order to preserve her marriage and her happiness.

Copyright © 2002 by Sanderson Beck

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