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Maybe It's Love

(1935 b 63')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Based on Maxwell Anderson's play, two employees in a triangle with the boss's son get married and struggle to stay together.

Willie Sands (Frank McHugh) and Florrie Sands (Ruth Donnelly) live with her Halevy family. Boss Adolph Mengle (Joseph Cawthorn) tells Rims O'Neill (Ross Alexander) to teach his son Adolph Mengle Jr. (Philip Reed) the business. Secretary Bobby Halevy (Gloria Stuart) has lunch with Rims, but he suspects she is seeing young Adolph even though she keeps turning him down. Mr. Halevy (Henry Travers) wants to hear the European news, but Willie listens to baseball scores. Mrs. Halevy (Helen Lowell) warns Bobby about men. Mengle orders Bobby and his son to work late. When he takes her home after dinner, Rims is waiting and complains she is after money. A cop (J. Farrell MacDonald) stops the arguing and gives Adolph a parking ticket.

Mengle implements his son's idea to send Rims to Havana with a raise. Bobby learns he is sailing and cries. Rims calls, and Florrie tells him to come over before Bobby's date. Florrie coaches Bobby on how to win her man. Rims says good-bye and kisses Bobby, who goes with him to the boat. Following Florrie's notes, she says she may marry Adolph. Rims gets off the boat to marry Bobby. Mengle fires Rims. Bobby goes over the budget with her husband Rims. The lights go out, because he didn't pay the bill. Her family comes over for dinner again, and they hear them arguing. Rims shows Bobby their new car, and they take her family for a ride; Rims gets out, and Willie smashes the car. Rims comes home drunk. Bobby wants to go back to work, and they argue.

Rims asks Willie where Bobby has been for eight days. Rims goes to Mengle, who asks him to sail with him to Havana at midnight. Mr. Halevy advises Rims where Bobby is living. Adolph tells Bobby he loves her; but she is still stuck on Rims. Adolph finds Rims sitting in his car and lets him take it to the dock. Police stop Rims for driving a stolen car and take him to Adolph and Bobby. Adolph leaves Rims alone with Bobby; but her family comes in and suggests they all live together. Bobby says she and Rims will live by themselves. Bobby tells Rims that she wants him as a lover, not a husband, and they kiss.

This romantic comedy explores the trials of young love when threatened by a wealthy third party and the distractions of in-laws.

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