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Living on Velvet

(1935 b 76')

En: 4 Ed: 5

An aviator loses his family in a crash and becomes eccentric while falling in love and getting married; his loving wife tries to help him.

Terry Parker (George Brent) flies his family and crashes, killing his parents and sister. Terry continues to fly, disrupts an air show, and is reprimanded by a major (Russell Hicks) who can't arrest him. Gibraltar (Warren William) takes Terry in his car. Terry says he feels already dead on velvet. Gibraltar tells Terry that he loves Amy and takes him to her party. Terry and Amy Prentiss (Kay Francis) are entranced by each other and dance. They leave together and stay out late. Terry learns she is Amy and says she is Gibraltar's. He leaves her with Gibraltar. Amy asks Gibraltar to find Terry. Police call Gibraltar that they found Terry drunk. Gibraltar gets him, and Amy comes in while Terry is in the shower. Aunt Martha (Helen Lowell) advises Amy not to marry Terry. Amy says she loves Terry, and they are wed. Gibraltar offers them a house for $5 a month.

Amy and Terry clean the house. Terry gets seafood instead of the groceries Amy requested and forgets to get the electricity turned on; but when he gives her a ring, she cries. Amy tells Terry to get a job and takes him to the train. Thornton (Henry O'Neill) invites Terry to play bridge though Terry does not know how. Gibraltar visits Amy, and Terry got a dog. Terry won't take a job even though Gibraltar offered one. Gibraltar tells Amy she has helped Terry. Aunt Martha complains to Amy about Terry and quarrels with Terry. He tells her to go, but Amy refuses to go back to Aunt Martha. Terry and Amy learn that his stock is worth $8,000. Amy buys packages and finds Terry has men making an air field. Terry says he will fly commuters, and it will cost $10,100. Amy says she bought furniture but cancels the order. She refuses to fly in Terry's plane. She tells him he has a void in his life, and she is leaving. Terry asks her to stay, but she says she failed.

Amy goes out with Gibraltar but recalls Terry. Gibraltar tells Amy to go back to Terry, and she wants to but won't. Amy thanks Gibraltar for the $8,000. Gibraltar leaves as Terry arrives. Amy says that Terry must change, because she wants to be inside him. Terry goes in Gibraltar's car. At a party Amy recklessly says she is living on velvet. Gibraltar and Amy learn of an accident and go to Terry, who tells Amy he won't die on the ground. In the final scene Terry thanks Amy for nursing him; he has changed, and they love each other.

This romantic drama depicts a man who has been badly shocked into a peculiar way of living without responsibility; but the love of a woman helps him eventually to find himself in his relationship with her.

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