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In Caliente

(1935 b 84')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A magazine partner takes his editor to Caliente and hires a Mexican dancer to save him from a scheming blonde with unexpected results.

New York magazine editor Larry MacArthur (Pat O'Brien) barks orders. Clara (Glenda Farrell) comes in to plan her marriage to Larry. Larry gets drunk, and his partner Harold Brandon (Edward Everett Horton) takes him away to Caliente in Mexico. Jose Gomez (Leo Carrillo) tells dancer Rita Gomez (Dolores del Rio) he'll quit winning money with card tricks, but he doesn't. Harold awakens Larry in the hotel, telling him he is saving him from Clara. Harold pays Jose to make the musicians go away. Larry calls Clara and tells her where he is. When he sees Rita, Larry decides to stay. Harold asks to engage Rita. She says she usually gets $2,000, and Harold hires her to divert Larry. Rita reminds Jose of the bad review Larry gave her when she danced in New York. In the pool Rita cries for help to Larry, who jumps in; but Rita rescues him.

Larry calls on Rita; but she only talks with him from her window. Jose asks Harold for an advance and gets a check for $300. Larry dances with Rita, and Harold hires a man to cut in on him. Clara calls Larry. Rita invites Larry to her bungalow and puts on a sexy gown. Larry kisses her as Jose comes in. A telegram to Larry from Clara threatens trouble. Larry tells Harold that he is in love and is going to marry Rita. So Harold tells Larry of the business deal. Larry orders diverse flowers and wrote a poem. At the nightclub Lois (Wini Shaw) sings and the De Marcos dance "The Lady In Red." Hearing Larry's low opinion of her dancing, Rita tells Jose to arrange for her to dance the next night.

In an elaborate "La Muchacha" number with bandits and horses Rita dances. Larry tells her that he was drunk when he wrote that review and that he cares only about her. Clara arrives, and Rita walks out. Larry says he is going to marry Rita, and Clara says she will sue. Rita leaves with Jose, but Larry climbs into the car. Harold and Clara grab a car and follow. Clara hears that Harold has a half million dollars in a bank. A cop stops Harold for stealing the car; but Clara says they are eloping. They get married. Now that Rita believes Larry, they can get married too.

Busby Berkeley choreography highlights this romantic comedy in which Harold tries to use money to solve problems. The credibility of the alcoholic Larry is questionable; Harold gets taken with his money; and Jose continues to make his living with tricks.

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