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I Live My Life

(1935 b 97')

En: 5 Ed: 5

A woman from New York society meets an Irish archaeologist, who wants to marry her; but they disagree on what their future life-style is to be.

G. P. Bentley (Frank Morgan) learns he may lose $400,000 and may have to turn to Mrs. Gage. On a yacht by a Greek island Bentley plays bridge and overbids. Gene Piper (Fred Keating) is marrying Kay Bentley (Joan Crawford) for her grandmother's millions. Kay rides a donkey and falls into a pit, where Terry O'Neill (Brian Aherne) is digging out a statue. He asks her to leave. She says she hurt her ankle, and Terry carries her to the town. When he learns she is all right, he carries her back so she can walk. Kay finds Terry in town, apologizes, and gets him to dance with her. He tells her of Pygmalion, and they kiss. Terry says he loves her. She says she is leaving, but he can find her in New York. Terry tells Betty (Aline MacMahon) he is getting married.

In New York Terry learns that Kay gave him the name of a secretary. Bentley speaks at a museum about the statue and meets Terry, taking him home. Terry sees Kay and asks why she lied. He keeps pushing her down into a chair, calls her spoiled, and leaves. Kay goes to Terry's lecture and apologizes; but they quarrel. She is locked in, and eventually he says she loves him. Terry and Betty dress up. Kay tells her father that she loves Terry. Bentley learns he needs money. Kay learns that her father is in financial trouble and that she could help by marrying Gene. Later when Bentley tells Kay he got rid of his debt, Kay calls Terry. He tries to see her, but servants prevent it. Terry finds Kay in her room and kisses her. Terry won't let Kay go to her grandmother (Jessie Ralph), who comes in and tells Kay to make Terry leave. After she learns his Irish heritage, Terry is made a vice president. Terry tells Kay he wants to leave the office, but she goes out without him.

On their wedding day Terry tells Bentley he resigned, and he asks Kay to travel with him. They argue about their future life-style and don't want to marry; but she does not want to be jilted. So she asks him to be there, and she will not show up. Terry leaves, and frustrated Kay breaks things. In a large church Terry and people wait. He sees her coming in with her father. Terry says he has just cause not to marry, but Kay says she wants to go to Greece with him.

This comedy contrasts the values of a free spirited intellectual with the superficiality of the wealthy in New York.

Copyright © 2002 by Sanderson Beck

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