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The Goose and the Gander

(1935 b 66')

En: 5 Ed: 4

In this convoluted plot three men and three women become confused about each others' identities and affairs.

Bob McNear (George Brent) and Betty Summers (Genevieve Tobin) go swimming to lose her brother-in-law Arthur Summers (William Austin), but Georgiana Summers (Kay Francis) hears their plans to meet and marry after her divorce. Arthur tells his brother Ralph Summer (Ralph Forbes) that Betty was with Bob. Georgiana spills a drink on Bob to meet him. Ralph meets his ex-wife Georgiana and kisses her. Georgiana tells him not to hurt his wife, whom she learns is Betty. Ralph plans to get away from Betty to visit Georgiana. Lawrence Thurston (John Eldredge) steals pearls and an emerald. Georgiana gets the license plate numbers of Ralph's and Bob's cars. Ralph takes a train, and Betty goes in Bob's car. Lawrence and Connie Thurston (Claire Dodd) steal Ralph's car, which is reported missing.

Bob and Betty learn of a quarantine and can't get gas. Georgiana invites Bob and his "wife" Betty to come in. They learn Georgiana was married to Ralph. Lawrence and Connie get the same treatment at the gas station because of Georgiana, who welcomes them and sees they have Ralph's car. Georgiana says that Connie must be Mrs. Summers, and Lawrence says he is Ralph, dumbfounding Betty. Georgiana says she wants Ralph back and was going to get revenge by exposing Mrs. Summers. Georgiana says that Bob and Betty must share a room and locks them in. Betty makes Bob stay out on the roof; but the dog barks, and Georgiana sees him. While she and Bob walk, Lawrence hides the jewels, but Aunt Julia (Helen Lowell) sees him. Bob tells Georgiana he is separating and kisses her as Betty watches. Aunt Julia shows Georgiana the jewels, which are hers.

Ralph learns that Betty is gone. Bob tells Betty that Ralph is coming for lunch. Georgiana puts the jewels in Betty's suitcase. The butler announces that the house is quarantined. Aunt Julia gives Bob a gun to protect Georgiana from Lawrence. Ralph and Arthur arrive; but Lawrence has a gun and locks them up. Bob asks Georgiana to marry and realizes she knows who is who; but she says she wants Ralph back. Betty leaves, but Bob won't go with her. Winklesteinbergher (Spencer Charters) arrives with police and questions them. Georgiana explains, but Lawrence shows he is Ralph. Winklesteinbergher arrests Bob and Georgiana, but police find Ralph and Arthur. Betty gets a note from Georgiana to bring her bag with the jewels. In the final scene Bob and Georgiana wed and send Betty back to Ralph.

This comedy plays upon the odd circumstances that result when people cannot make up their minds with whom they want to be married.

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