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The Dark Angel

(1935 b 106')

En: 6 Ed: 6

A woman loves two men who go off to the war; but the one she plans to marry is blinded and tries to avoid returning to her.

As children Kitty plays with Alan and Gerald, planning to marry Alan. Many years later Kitty (Merle Oberon) gives Alan Trent (Fredric March) and Gerald Shannon (Herbert Marshall) packages of socks and books as they leave to fight in France. They return on leave, wanting to eat, bathe, and sleep for ten days. Alan tells Kitty how much he loves her, and they decide to get married; but his leave is canceled before they can get a license. They marry themselves, and Kitty goes with Alan to a room. They play act their anniversary years later. Lawrence Bidley kids Alan about his "farewell to bachelorhood," and Gerald asks how Alan could be with a girl after agreeing to marry Kitty. Alan asks Gerald to sign his leave request, but Gerald refuses. Alan volunteers to go on a mission with Gerald, and there is an explosion.

Gerald tells Kitty he refused to give Alan leave. She demands to know why and tells Gerald she was with Alan that night. Kitty says, "We killed him." Alan is recovering with other blind men and is using the name Roger Crane. Sir George Barton (John Halliday) persuades Roger to go home. He imagines returning to Kitty and her having to help him. He decides not to get off the train. Roger tells stories to children and begins writing children's books, his housekeeper writes down.

Kitty welcomes Gerald at the station, and they renew their friendship. George recognizes their engagement photo and tells Roger, who says he hoped that would happen. Kitty seems distracted, and on a fox hunt she falls from her horse very near Alan. When he hears her name, he walks away. Roger (Alan) tells George he wants to get away from Kitty. George calls Gerald, and he tells Kitty that Alan is alive. George tells Roger that Gerald is coming. He has the Braille books removed and checks the room so they won't know he is blind. Kitty hugs Alan, and he shakes hands with Gerald, who asks for an explanation. Alan says war changed him when he was in a prison hospital. Kitty and Gerald go back, and Alan talks, thinking it is his housekeeper. Kitty runs to Alan and says that she is alive again. Alan thanks heaven she popped up again.

War and its blindness comes between the love of Alan and Kitty until they are brought together again by the man who rehabilitated Alan. It is ironic that Herbert Marshall, who lost a leg in the world war, played the role of Gerald.

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