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The Case of the Curious Bride

(1935 b 80')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Perry Mason helps a friend by finding out who murdered her husband, who claimed to be dead and tried to extort money from her after she married.

After winning an acquittal, Perry Mason (Warren William) buys crabs and cooks them. Perry's friend Rhoda Montaine (Margaret Lindsay) from the past asks him to help a bride, and he notes her new wedding ring. She leaves, and Perry finds her purse. Rhoda tells her husband Carl Montaine (Donald Woods) she feels ill and wants to sleep in the other room. Perry goes to the morgue, but they find a wooden Indian instead of Gregory Moxley. Perry's secretary Della Street (Claire Dodd) gets him out of bed. Dr. Millbeck (Philip Reed) arrives, and Perry asks him where Rhoda is. Perry tells Spudsy Drake (Allen Jenkins) that bride Rhoda is not a widow. Perry calls on her "late" husband Gregory Moxley; but the coroner Wilbur Strong (Olin Howlin) says he was murdered. Della calls to tell Perry Carl's address. Police detective Lucas (Barton MacLane) comes in.

Spudsy drives Perry to see Carl, who says Rhoda left with her trunk. Spudsy drives Perry to the airport, followed by the police. Perry finds Rhoda and has her hide in a phone booth as he calls a newspaper. She swears she did not kill Gregory, and Perry tells her to say nothing. Perry has Spudsy start a fight to distract police while he turns Rhoda over to the newspaper. Perry calls District Attorney Stacey (Henry Kolker). Philip Montaine (Charles Richman) offers to pay Perry extra to defend Rhoda if his son can get out of his marriage to her; but Perry says no. Lucas lets Carl talk to Rhoda, and Carl suspects her with Dr. Millbeck. Lucas gets Rhoda to admit she rang the doorbell during the murder. Perry tells reporters he has a habeus corpus for his client, but Stacey shows him Rhoda's statement. Rhoda tells Perry she hit Gregory (Errol Flynn) with a poker, and Perry says her false statement could hurt her.

Perry tells Spudsy to find another wife of Gregory and sends him to Florabelle (Mayo Methot). Spudsy tells Perry that burlesque singer Doris Pender (Wini Shaw) also married Gregory, and they question her about a call. Spudsy follows her to Oscar Pender (Warren Hymer), who denies he killed Gregory. Oscar knocks out Spudsy. Perry learns that Dr. Millbeck was ringing the bell during the murder. Stacey calls Perry that Florabelle is a fake. Spudsy tells Perry that Oscar was at the murder. Perry gives a cocktail party, and Spudsy brings in Oscar, who says the murderer gave him money. Perry explains why it was Carl, who says that Gregory was killed by glass during their fight. Perry sends Dr. Millbeck to treat Rhoda, and Della wishes that Perry couldn't cook.

This murder mystery has a comic flair, enhancing its entertainment value as Mason puts off a trip to China and cooking to solve the crime.

Copyright © 2002 by Sanderson Beck

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