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Bonnie Scotland

(1935 b 80')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Stanley with Ollie goes to Scotland to inherit an estate; they mistakenly join the army and get sent to India, where they are nearly killed.

Stanley MacLaurel (Stan Laurel) with Oliver Hardy arrives in Scotland. Lorna MacLaurel (June Lang) inherits the estate; but until she is 21, she is under trustee Gregory MacGregor, who is in India. The lawyer Miggs asks for Stanley's credentials, and he shows him a police photo. Stanley inherits heirloom bagpipes and a snuff-box. Stanley sneezes away the snuff, and Oliver falls in the river. While Oliver's pants are drying and shrinking, Stanley suggests going back to jail. Lorna hugs her boyfriend Allan (William Janney) and says good-bye. Stanley and Oliver owe three weeks rent. Stanley traded their overcoats for a fish. They put the fish on the bed springs over a candle. Stanley says, "It shrizzled." They set the bed on fire and are thrown out. They sign up for new suits and end up in the army by mistake. Dressed in kilts, Oliver and Stanley ask Miggs to forward their mail to India. Allan goes too to find Lorna.

Violet Ormsby (Anne Grey) urges Lorna to marry her brother MacGregor. Stanley and Oliver arrive with the troops in India; the commander warns them of the sun and India's mysteries. Stanley calls the sergeant (James Finlayson) "Leatherpuss." He and Oliver learn of mirages. When Lorna's engagement to MacGregor is announced, Allan gets upset and is thrown in the cooler. He gives Oliver a note to take to Lorna, but MacGregor gets the note and shows it to Violet before sending it on to Lorna. Lorna meets Allan in the moonlight; but he angrily says he never wants to see her again.

The soldiers march to a fort. The sergeant orders Stanley and Oliver to pick up trash. To the band's music they dance around and then march into a jail cell. MacGregor asks for volunteers on a dangerous mission. The sergeant takes Allan, Oliver, and Stanley. Lorna goes to the fort and asks MacGregor to let her see Allan. The sergeant, Allan, Oliver, and Stanley go to a palace and see an exotic dance. Stanley and Oliver blow air into the water pipe. The battle begins, but all the invaders are immediately captured. Stanley and Oliver are told to blow their brains out; but Stanley misses. They run away and turn over beehives. The bees scatter everyone.

Comedy outshines the plot, the second half being a satire of The Lives of a Bengal Lancer. In fact the usual conclusion of the lovers getting together never occurs as the film ends in the chaos of everyone running from the bees.

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