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Two Alone

(1934 b 76')

En: 4 Ed: 5

Based on a play by Dan Totheroh, an orphan and a reform-school runaway work for a cruel farmer, fall in love, and try to escape.

Farmer Slag (Arthur Byron) orders George Marshall (Willard Robertson) to stay away from orphan Mazie (Jean Parker) and to work without breakfast. So Marshall quits and tells Mazie he'll come back for her. Adam (Tom Brown) falls off a truck and orders Mazie to give him food. She treats his cuts and brings him clothes at night; but Slag grabs him and says he escaped from reform school. The Sheriff (Paul Nicholson) looks for Adam and says the reward is $50, offering Slag $10. Slag wants Adam to work. Adam says he hit his father to protect his mother.

Slag won't let Mazie and Adam attend the wedding of Milt (Emerson Treacy) and Corie (Nydia Westman). They laugh at Mazie, and Adam consoles her. Mazie wonders what it is like to be in love. She invites Sandy (Charley Grapewin) to her wedding supper with Adam, and Sandy tells about a Cherokee wedding. Adam kisses Mazie. While Adam works, Mazie asks what is wrong. Mazie cries, and Adam says he loves her. Mrs. Slag (Beulah Bondi) goes to visit Milt and Corie. Adam tells Slag that he wants to marry Mazie; but Slag threatens to send him back to reform school. Slag walks in on Mazie, warns her about men, and tries to kiss her. Andy comes in her window, and Mazie suggests they run away. They go to Marshall but stop at a carnival. Marshall is leaving to go get Mazie and gets a ride. Adam and Mazie learn that Marshall left with baggage. Adam promises Mazie he won't ever leave her.

Mrs. Slag tells Marshall that Mazie ran away with Adam. Slag and Milt find Mazie and Adam and force them back. Corie arrives, telling Mrs. Slag she left Milt. Adam tells Mazie he sent a letter with Sandy to Marshall. Milt comes to take Corie but leaves after overhearing her say she wants to cut his throat. Mazie learns that Corie is going to have a baby and faints. At a bar Marshall sees Sandy and gets the letter. Mazie sneaks up to Adam's room and tells him she is pregnant. Slag finds them and fights Adam, falling and injuring his leg. Slag sends Corie and his wife for the Sheriff. Slag frightens Mazie, who falls into a well. Marshall arrives and rescues Mazie as Slag shoots Adam in the shoulder. Marshall carries Mazie to a bed. The Sheriff arrives, and Marshall blames Slag and says he is Mazie's father. The Sheriff arrests Slag for holding Adam. Mazie and Adam are wed before Adam goes to reform school. Marshall comforts Mazie.

This drama explores the suffering caused by a mean farmer, who tries to take advantage of two unfortunate young people; but their love enables them to rise above these circumstances with the help of her father.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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