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Twenty Million Sweethearts

(1934 b 90')

En: 6 Ed: 5

A fast-talking agent gets a singer on the radio but almost ruins his relationship with another singer in this musical comedy.

Radio talent scout Rush Blake (Pat O'Brien) owes the hotel $108 and gets fired by Consolidated Broadcasting executive Chester Sharpe (Grant Mitchell). Rush hears waiter Buddy Clayton (Dick Powell) sing "The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze," and the women applaud. Rush offers to make him a star and gets him fired. They sell Buddy's car and go to New York even though Rush got a negative telegram from Sharpe.

At Consolidated Broadcasting Pete (Allen Jenkins) tells his troubles to Peg (Ginger Rogers) before he goes on the air. Rush arrives with Buddy and manages to get him an audition. The Mills Brothers sing "I Heard" and "How'm I Doin'?" When Peggy sings "Out for No Good," Buddy watches. Then he walks her home. At the audition Buddy's "Trapeze" song bombs, and Sharpe tells Rush to get out. Peggy calls on Buddy at a cheap apartment. Rush borrows $10 from her to give Buddy $2. Buddy and Peggy have dinner.

Pete brings a song to Buddy, who sings "I'll String Along with You." Rush's cab runs into the car of Carlota Soap owner Brockman (Joseph Cawthorne). Rush asks Peggy to help, and on the air she faints so that Buddy can sing that song. Mrs. Brockman likes it, and Sharpe sends for Buddy. Sharpe wants to throw Rush out again, but Brockman says he wants him. Buddy doesn't want to replace Peggy; but she shows him her check and says she wants to go into theater.

Buddy becomes a popular singing star, and his wedding to Peggy is announced. Brockman and Sharpe tell Rush to break it up so they won't lose the female fans. Rush asks Buddy to postpone the wedding until he gets a new contract. Peggy tells Buddy she was offered a part. Rush tells Peggy that Buddy is seeing another woman. Rush learns the press are waiting to interview Norma Hanson; he has Pete call him and implies she is seeing Buddy. Her secretary drinks and admits he is her husband, and he tries to fight Buddy. Newspapers report the scandal. Buddy quits and socks Rush. Peggy tells Buddy the engagement is off.

Rush and Pete get Buddy booked at an inn on Long Island. Rush urges Peggy to be there and wires Sharpe of a Harvard reunion and Brockman of a Carlota Soap night. Buddy sings "I'll String Along with You" again but has trouble until Peggy sings too. Rush tells Sharpe to send a contract, and in the final scene Buddy and Peggy are leaving for their honeymoon.

Rush manages to make opportunities by being fast and loose with the truth. He almost ruins even more with his tricks but pulls it out in the end.

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