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This Man Is Mine

(1934 b 76')

En: 5 Ed: 5

A happily married man is seduced by his first love, who had rejected him but is now divorced, in this adaptation of Anne Morrison Chapin's play.

Bee McCrae (Kay Johnson) tells Jim Dunlap (Ralph Bellamy) his old flame Fran is divorced. Bee asks Toni Dunlap (Irene Dunne) if she ever gets tired of being the "perfect wife." Toni tells Jim she knows about scandal because of her mother. Fran (Constance Cummings) arrives with Mort Holmes (Sidney Blackmer) at the McCrae's. Fran stays behind and is visited by Jim, who was sent there by Toni. Three couples are invited from the McCraes by Toni; but Fran has Mort take Toni and is delayed with Jim. Fran regrets her broken promise to Jim and cries. Jim kisses her. As Toni drinks, Bee and Rita play bridge with their husbands until 3 a.m. waiting for Jim and Fran. Others leave, but Bee stays up with Toni, saying Fran will pass like smallpox or a tidal wave. While they're upstairs, Fran and Jim come in. Jim still loves Fran and asks her not to leave him again. Jud McCrae (Charles Starrett) sees them kissing. Fran tells Bee the "car broke down," and Jim tells Toni they smashed a fender. Jim asks Toni why she sent him to Fran. Toni forgives Jim but won't give him a divorce for six months. Jim won't stay, saying he belongs to Fran. Toni cries.

At a party Mort invites Fran on a trip, married or not, and kisses her; she likes it. Toni comes in. Mort kisses Fran again as Jim comes in. Fran slaps Mort, who walks out. Fran appeals to Jim, who asks her to go abroad with him. Toni tells Jim and Fran she wants a divorce right away, naming Fran as correspondent. Fran denies it; but Toni tells her she is suing her for a million dollars. Fran is angry at Jim for telling Toni. Jim slaps Fran; she bites him; and he slugs her.

At home Toni takes down the painting she did for Jim. Jim tells her it's over with Fran and asks for the divorce to be quiet. Toni wants revenge against Fran, who comes in and tells her to take Jim back, showing her black eye. Fran has married Mort and warns he might kill her and Jim if there is a scandal. Jim brings down his bags. When Mort comes in, Bee and Fran coddle him away. Jim calls Toni names for damaging the painting. Toni hits him with the painting, and he pretends to be unconscious so she will be concerned. Then he hugs her, and they kiss.

This love triangle shows how a seductive woman can make a fool out of a man. Fortunately Fran finds someone more like herself, and the foolish Jim is driven back to his faithful wife a wiser man never would have left.

Copyright © 1999 by Sanderson Beck

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