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Six of a Kind

(1934 b 64')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Two couples share expenses traveling across the country and have numerous comic mishaps.

J. Pinkham Whinney (Charles Ruggles) packs his bag for a second honeymoon with his wife Flora (Mary Boland), who placed an ad for another couple to share expenses. George Edwards (George Burns) and Gracie De Vore (Gracie Allen) arrive, but Flora thinks they are interior decorators as Gracie re-arranges the living-room. Pinky stops at the bank, and Ferguson (Bradley Page) puts money in his bag. Gracie brings her great Dane, who sits in front. When Gracie re-directs their route, Ferguson and Trixie lose track of the money he stole. Gracie says that she and George are not married; so she rooms with Flora. Pinky complains, and Flora feels sad, because they want to be alone. Pinky advises George to wash the dog with Gracie; but George lets Pinky do it. Gracie while taking a photo has Flora back off a cliff; but Flora is caught on a tree. They pull Flora up with a strap.

At a hotel Honest John Hoxley (W. C. Fields) says that Mrs. K. Rumford (Alison Skipworth) thinks that what he likes is either "illegal, immoral, or fattening." John finishes a bottle but can't stand to drink water. John tries to play pool but can't manage the cue well. On the road Gracie asks advice of two men, who wake up and rob them. In town a tire goes flat. Flora tells Mrs. Rumford they have no money. George tries to buy a sweater from John, who outfits himself. While Pinky calls to send a telegram collect, Mrs. Rumford locks up his bag. Ferguson learns where Pinky is as the exasperated bank executives refuse to send more money to Pinky. Mrs. Rumford has Sheriff John watch as she opens the bag, and they find the money. She leaves with the money as Ferguson arrives. Ferguson takes the bag and goes into a room, waking Flora and Gracie. Ferguson can't find the money while John tries to find the suitcase. John gets a telegram to arrest Pinky for embezzling $50,000. Ferguson tells John that he is a detective. Pinky finds the bag and is arrested by John, who reads a letter from Trixie about traveling with money, making Flora jealous and angry at Pinky. George and Gracie leave and get a ride with another couple. John has Ferguson locked up and learns that he is the thief. In the final scene Pinky and Flora are glad to be alone together.

This road comedy, built around the masterful talents of Gracie Allen, W. C. Fields, and Charles Ruggles, helps audiences get comic relief with a story that satirizes "vacations" that consist mostly of long trips in a car.

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