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The Secret Bride

(1934 b 64')

En: 5 Ed: 5

Suggested by Leonard Ide's play, the Governor's daughter marries the District Attorney but keeps it secret when her father is investigated.

Robert Sheldon (Warren William) and Ruth Vincent (Barbara Stanwyck) are married by a judge. Willis Martin (Grant Mitchell) deposits $10,000 and is arrested by Dave Bredeen (Douglass Dumbrille), who tells District Attorney Sheldon that the money was put in Governor Vincent's account. Martin says he did it for Holdstock. Sheldon tells Ruth of the bribe money. Bredeen tells Sheldon that Holdstock committed suicide. Gov. Vincent (Arthur Byron) tells contributor Jim Lansdale (Henry O'Neill) he'll fight. The legislature investigates, and Ruth suggests that Sheldon investigate Holdstock. Ruth and Sheldon decide to keep their marriage secret so Sheldon will be credible. Bredeen finds that secretary Hazel Normandie (Glenda Farrell) has a little gun and takes it. Sheldon finds a letter in Holdstock's safe from Vincent and has the typewriting tested, verifying it was Vincent's typewriter. Ruth shows her father the letter, but he denies writing it.

Martin tells Bredeen he is afraid. Ruth tells her husband Sheldon that her father is innocent. She sees a man shot near Hazel; Bredeen is dead. Ruth doesn't clear Hazel, because it would become known she was in Sheldon's apartment. The gun is found and identified as Hazel's, and she is prosecuted. Ruth goes to the committee hearing. D. A. Sheldon is accused of withholding evidence. Sheldon tells Ruth to testify for Hazel, but Ruth looks for Martin. The prosecutor says Hazel was Bredeen's lover. Ruth calls on Martin, who is distraught and says Holdstock was murdered. Ruth takes Martin to Sheldon; but Martin collapses and then runs out.

While the jury is out, Sheldon takes Ruth to Hazel's defense attorney. The jury votes guilty, but the judge lets Ruth testify. Hazel is freed, and the press learns that Ruth is Sheldon's wife. Lansdale advises Vincent to resign, but the governor won't quit. The House demands Sheldon resign. Martin is brought to Sheldon. Legislator McPherson (William B. Davidson) subpoenas Martin, who tells the committee of the letter Sheldon found. McPherson gets the letter from Sheldon and reads it. Martin says that Bredeen made him put the letter in Holdstock's safe. Martin demanded money from Holdstock and killed him. Bredeen made it look like suicide. Lansdale gave the money and framed Vincent. Bredeen told Martin that Vincent vetoed a highway bill Lansdale wanted. Martin confesses he killed Bredeen. The impeachment of the Governor is dropped, and Lansdale shoots himself.

This political melodrama exposes the corruption of a large contributor as the manipulator behind the scenes.

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