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Men In White

(1934 b 74')

En: 5 Ed: 6

In this adaptation of Sidney Kingsley's play a promising intern is torn between studying with his mentor or taking a position so he can marry.

Dr. Cunningham (C. Henry Gordon) doubles the amount of insulin prescribed by the intern Ferguson. Dr. McCabe reviews the advances of medicine during his lifetime, including anesthesia, sterilization, and x-rays. Struggling Dr. Levine (Otto Kruger), who gave up studying with Dr. Hochberg (Jean Hersholt) to marry and go into private practice, shows him x-rays of his wife's lungs. Dr. Cunningham makes George Ferguson (Clark Gable) stay late to do a transfusion. Ferguson plans to marry Laura Hudson (Myrna Loy); but she complains he is so overworked that she rarely sees him. Ferguson plans to work with Dr. Hochberg in his lab in Vienna.

Dr. Ferguson is called to an emergency and stops the insulin on a girl. Dr. Cunningham orders the insulin; but Ferguson stops him and treats her for shock. The girl revives. The nurse Barbara (Elizabeth Allan) praises Ferguson and almost collapses on her first case. Ferguson doesn't have to do the transfusion and calls Laura; but she made other plans. Ferguson gives Barbara notes in his room, where she is not supposed to be. He kisses her; after he goes, instead of leaving, she sits on his bed.

The hospital has a $163,000 deficit. Laura's father could help if Ferguson would accept an appointment; but Dr. Hochberg says he will not agree. Ferguson and Laura rehearse the wedding, and Ferguson tells Dr. Hochberg he will accept the position. Dr. Hochberg learns of a possible tetanus because of no anti-toxin and blames Ferguson. Dr. Hochberg tells Laura she is not helping Ferguson and has her observe Ferguson's operation on Barbara, whom some man got in trouble. Barbara tells Ferguson she loved him, and during surgery Laura faints.

Dr. Hochberg dines with Ferguson, who says he wants to marry Barbara and go into private practice. Laura comes in and says she is sailing. Ferguson tells Laura he loves her, but he will marry Barbara to help her. Dr. Hochberg takes Laura to the dying Barbara, who tells her about that day with Ferguson, saying he needs Laura. Laura sends Ferguson to Barbara, who dies holding his hand. The little girl Ferguson saved says good-bye to him. Dr. Hochberg tells of his dedicated father who died of overwork for humanity. Laura tells Ferguson she is sailing for Europe, and he tells her he will work with Dr. Hochberg. Laura wants to see Ferguson in Vienna occasionally. Ferguson goes on with his work.

This story portrays a dedicated intern facing difficult career and life choices. Unfortunately the woman who shares his concern dies.

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