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Let's Try Again

(1934 b 68')

En: 4 Ed: 5

Based on Vincent Lawrence's play, a couple nearly divorces after ten years of marriage.

A prolog indicates that 300,000 Americans divorced the previous year. Nan Blake (Irene Hervey) dances for the first time after recovering. Her father (Henry Kolker) tells Dr. Jack Overton (Clive Brook) not to come there anymore. Nan tells Jack she is not in love with him all the time. Jack is married, but Nan says it is a pretense. Alice Overton (Diana Wynyard) loans Marge (Helen Vinson) an evening gown. Paul (Theodore Newton) and Marge kid about eloping. Jack forgot flowers for Alice and hides but gets flowers from the garden. Alice wanted the ones she ordered, and she quarrels with Jack, who stays home. Alice comes home late and apologizes. Paul kisses Marge good-night and joins Alice in the garden and kisses her. Marge sees them. Jack and Paul lie to Alice so Jack can leave. Alice says no one could replace Jack and asks Paul to go. Paul says he won't marry Marge. Jack comes back and tells Alice why he lied. Marge tells Jack that Paul and Alice are in love. Alice tells Jack it is not serious. Jack says their excitement is gone, and they could divorce.

Jack calls on Nan and says he is separated. Jack visits Alice in the garden and invites her to Paris. Alice says she is glad to be free to fall in love again. Jack packs the car as Paul arrives and tells him about Marge. Paul leaves, and Jack tells Alice that Paul is gone for good. Jack says he got jealous and threatened Paul, because he loves her. Alice tells Jack that she does not want him. Jack tells Alice that he found someone else and says that Paul is going to marry Marge. On his way out Jack drinks cocktails and tells Phillips (Arthur Hoyt) to pack his luggage in the car again. Jack calls Nan and says he'll go away with her. Later Nan calls for Jack and speaks to Alice, who says her relationship with Jack is over. Jack returns and offers Alice ten-year-old champagne, saying he decided not to go. Jack recalls their love and asks Alice to try. Jack asks for another fling by pretending. Alice says she is tired of that; but Jack says it is different if they both know they are pretending. Alice tries but laughs. Jack says they tried. Alice asks Jack to take her dancing, and they decide to live again.

This stagy drama explores the realistic situation of a marriage that has lost its initial excitement, forcing the partners to evaluate their relationship and consider other options.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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