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Kentucky Kernels

(1934 b 75')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Two magicians adopt a boy, who inherits a Kentucky estate that embroils them in a family feud.

Jerry Bronson (Paul Page) drops a ring off a bridge and gives away his cigarette case,
watch, and money. He leaves a note to Joan and jumps off the bridge. Willie Doyle (Bert Wheeler) complains to Elmer Dugan (Robert Woolsey) he has to wash the dishes. Elmer and Willie have a net in the river, and they rescue Jerry. Elmer suggests that Jerry adopt a child. Mrs. Baxter (Margaret Dumont) gives them Spanky (George McFarland), who likes to break glass. Spanky sits on the gas pedal, and Elmer is stopped for speeding. By using magic Elmer gets the officer to tear up the ticket. Jerry tells Elmer and Willie that he and Joan are eloping. He gives them a check for $1,000, but Spanky rips it up.

Lawyers Guilfoyle and Peck tell Mrs. Baxter that Spanky has inherited an estate in Kentucky. She tells Elmer and Willie, and Spanky wants to be with them. At the station Willie meets Gloria Wakefield (Mary Carlisle). The Wakefields welcome Gloria; but Elmer and Willie are now Milfords, the enemy of the Wakefields. At the house the Milfords welcome them. Elmer tells Spanky not to break windows of the greenhouse. Elmer invites the Wakefields and toasts their new friendship. Willie dances with Gloria. Elmer drinks with Col. Wakefield (Noah Beery). Willie tells Gloria he loves her; he and others sing "One Little Kiss." At dinner Col. Wakefield speaks and lays aside his guns. Spanky pops a champagne bottle, and the shooting starts.

Elmer and Willie call on Col. Wakefield with roses. He says he'll shoot the two northerners. Elmer is found in Gloria's bed, and Col. Wakefield sends for a minister for Elmer to marry Gloria. Willie has Gloria faint so he can slip out. Willie returns disguised as a parson. Willie puts their guns in a hat. The minister arrives; but the hat now has rabbits. The Wakefields search to shoot the Milfords. Gloria warns Willie. Elmer and Willie take a buggy, while the Wakefields surround their house. Elmer and Willie go for the Milford clan. Their horse drinks moonshine and leads them on a wild ride. Elmer and Willie learn they have raised more Wakefields and go in the house. Buckshot (Willie Best) gives them a telegram to return Spanky, who is not a Milford. Elmer gives Willie a white flag, and Willie has to climb back in a window. Buckshot suggests they won't shoot a woman. Elmer, Spanky, and Buckshot shoot raspberries, and Willie appears in a dress. Willie is exposed by Spanky, and Col. Wakefield prepares to shoot Willie and Elmer. Elmer throws a duck in the air, and they shoot at it. Aunt Hannah (Lucille La Verne) arrives with the Milfords. Willie may marry Gloria, because they are not Milfords.

This farce satirizes the absurdity of feuds between rustic families.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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