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I've Got Your Number

(1934 b 68')

En: 6 Ed: 5

A cocky telephone repairman woos an operator and rescues her from a false accusation by catching a gang of criminals.

Telephones makes important connections for people. Linemen Terry Reilly (Pat O'Brien) and Johnny (Allen Jenkins) give women a longer cord to their bed, and Terry slaps a fanny; she calls Joe Flood (Eugene Pallette) to complain. Happy (Hobart Cavanaugh) demonstrates telephone inventions that have flaws. Flood reprimands Terry and sends him to a fire. Terry cuts a wire and jumps from a building. John P. Schuyler (Henry O'Neill) thanks Terry, who gets a medal. Bonnie (Glenda Farrell) conducts a séance, using telephone wires; but Terry exposes it as a fraud. Irate people smash the furnishings, but Bonnie gives Terry a drink and a reading until Flood calls Terry.

At Hotel Eden telephone operator Marie Lawson (Joan Blondell) helps Nicky (Gordon Westcott) play a trick on a horse tip. Turk Ellison complains he missed the call, and Marie is suspected. Terry and Johnny check the lines. Terry asks Marie for a date; but she says no and bets him. At home Marie's phone keeps ringing, and she calls for service. Terry is right there and turns over her dinner table, offering to buy her dinner. They dance, and Marie says she quit. Terry offers to get her a job and kisses her goodnight. Terry asks Flood to give Marie a job, but they insult each other. Terry takes Marie to Schuyler, who hires her.

While Terry is distracted by tipsy Johnny and Bonnie, Marie tells Loretta (Renee Whitney) and Madison that she has to wait for bonds on Saturday. Madison and Nicky intercept the bonds while Marie and Schuyler are distracted. Terry is called in and questioned about Marie and the theft. Terry looks for Marie and questions Loretta. Marie calls Terry to come alone, but he is followed. Marie tells Terry that Nicky was at the office, but she is arrested. Terry learns that Robert Kirkland (Henry Kolker) is Marie's lawyer. Terry and Johnny tap Kirkland's wire. When Kirkland calls Nicky, Terry traces it and goes to the address. Terry is captured by the gang but connects a line so that Johnny can hear. Johnny tells Flood of the mob. Flood and his men rush there. Terry starts a fight as they arrive. In the final scene Terry and Marie Reilly get a $1,000 check from Schuyler and go to bed as Flood and his men barge in.

This comedy reflects how useful telephones have become for people in this era as Terry uses his technical skill to trace a gang of criminals.

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