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(1934 b 81')

En: 6 Ed: 6

A womanizing racketeer is wounded by police and hides out in a farmhouse, where he falls in love.

Jonathan "Lucky" Wilson (Robert Montgomery) goes from woman to woman and gets a date with a blonde (Virginia Verill) singing "All I Do Is Dream." He offers protection to night-club owners Louis Shuman (Henry Armetta) and Jake Lillie (Herman Bing) for his boss Tony Berrelli (C. Henry Gordon). Police Lt. MacCarthy (Edward Arnold) questions Jonathan and then Shuman and Lillie. At the laundry Jonathan has napkins counted to check on the take. Jonathan asks to see the books of DeSalle (Douglass Dumbrille). Jonathan takes his gun and orders him to pay up. Tony tells Jonathan a warrant was issued for him, and he must hide out in the Catskills. Jonathan goes to his hotel to meet the blonde and asks her to go with him. Jonathan sees MacCarthy with police and flees; he is wounded by a shot but escapes in his car.

Pa Miller (Whitford Kane) calls Tony that he took Jonathan into his house and needs Dr. Warner. Jonathan tells Pa and Ma Miller (Elizabeth Patterson) to hide his car from the gangsters looking for him. Dr. Warner (Harold Huber) tells Jonathan he must stay there. Jonathan refuses until he meets Pauline Miller (Maureen O'Sullivan). Dr. Warner tells Ma that Jonathan can have no visitors. Jonathan asks Pauline to talk with him, and Pa gives him a bottle of applejack. Jonathan sends Willie (Mickey Rooney) off and helps Pauline feed chickens. Willie tells Jonathan that Pauline bought a new dress. Pauline shows Jonathan how to milk a cow. At dinner Pa complains about milk racketeers. They are eating rabbit, and Willie cries. Jonathan promises to buy Willie a BB gun if he stops crying. Jonathan meets Pauline outside. Tony calls Jonathan to come back.

Ma, Pa, and Willie drive off to visit Ma's sister. Pauline and Jonathan pick cherries and do chores. They bring in hay and have a picnic. It rains, and they go in a cottage to dry their clothes. They cuddle by the fire and kiss. Jonathan tells her they have to go back and that he has to go to New York so he can come back. MacCarthy and Britt (Edward Brophy) arrest Jonathan, who asks them not to tell Pauline and her family. MacCarthy and Britt have to stay because of the bridge. At dinner they tell the Millers that Jonathan will be going on a trip. MacCarthy lets Jonathan say good-bye to Pauline. Jonathan asks her to wait 18 months and admits he is going to jail. Pa and Ma give them presents as they leave, and Pauline kisses Jonathan. Willie gives Jonathan two rabbits. In the car MacCarthy tells Jonathan he will keep them for him until he gets out.

This morality tale contrasts New York racketeering and platinum blondes with the wholesome farm life of a hard-working family.

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