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Hi, Nellie!

(1934 b 76')

En: 5 Ed: 5

A newspaper editor is demoted to writing the Heart-throb column until he solves a murder mystery.

News editor Sam Bradshaw (Paul Muni) criticizes Nellie advice columnist Gerry (Glenda Farrell), and she refuses to marry him. Knowing Canfield, Brad refuses to jump to the conclusion that he embezzled money from a bank when he disappears. O'Connell warns Graham (Berton Churchill), who fires Bradshaw for missing the story other papers reported. Brad says he has a contract; so Graham assigns him to writing the Heart-throb column, making Gerry a reporter again. Gerry and others greet Brad, "Hi, Nellie." Shammy (Ned Sparks) reports to Brad about the Canfield investigation. Brad tells Gerry to go in for love. Graham criticizes the editing of Dawes (Douglas Dumbrille). Brad throws letters away, and Dawes tells him he's washed up. Brad stalks out, and drinks. Gerry tells him he is "short on guts."

Brad makes the Nellie column a success and gets more mail. Gerry stands in as Nellie for a visitor with Brad as her secretary. Rosa says her father called off her wedding to Nick. Shammy gets the same address from Mrs. Canfield. Brad and Shammy find an empty apartment was used by the undertaker. Brad asks the florist Nick about Rosa and finds he argued with the undertaker about kickbacks on the Hernandez funeral. Brad calls on the undertaker about Rosa, while Shammy calls him about the Hernandez burial. The undertaker runs out and is followed by Brad and Shammy to the Merry-Go-Round Club to see Beau Brownell (Robert Barrat). Shammy calls for more men; Gerry, overhearing, goes too. Shammy identifies a drunk as Canfield's bank clerk. Brad goes into the office and wakes him up to ask about the bank and learns that Canfield was killed. Brownell comes in. Brad says he is working for O'Connell and tells him to move the Hernandez corpse. Brad leaves. O'Connell tells Brownell that Brad is not working for him. Brad goes to the cemetery with a photographer. Brownell's men say it is Hernandez, and Brad sees it is not Canfield; but he later finds Canfield and gets a photo. Shammy writes the story, and Brad brings the film. Brad tells Dawes to print a new edition, and they fight. Graham comes in and orders an extra edition. Brownell's gang is held for the Canfield murder. Graham makes Brad editor, and Brad gives the Nellie column to Dawes.

Brad proves that his restraint in not printing a sensational headline is vindicated after his investigation discovers the murder of the suspected embezzler. Advice to the lovelorn is satirized as unimportant compared to hard news.

Copyright © 1999 by Sanderson Beck

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