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Gambling Lady

(1934 b 66')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A gambler marries a gentleman; but mutual jealousy almost frames her husband for the murder of her friend challenging the syndicate.

Jim Fallon (Arthur Vinton) reports to his board large profits from gambling. Fallon buys cheating devices and calls Mike Lee (Robert Barrat) to pay off. Lady Lee (Barbara Stanwyck) urges her father Mike to stay honest. At the races Charlie Lang (Pat O'Brien) gives Lady the $100 he owes her. She bets it and wins $1000. Charlie says he is going in with the syndicate. Lady finds Mike's suicide note. At his funeral Charlie gets $100 from Peter Madison (C. Aubrey Smith) and nicks Fallon for $100. Charlie gives Lady the money and asks her to marry; but she says no. Lady pays Mike's debt to Fallon and asks for a job. Fallon hires her to play poker for 10% of the winnings. Peter raises the stakes and loses. When a cheater joins, Lady leaves and goes out with Peter. Lady wins honestly and regularly. Gentleman Garry Madison (Joel McCrea) meets Lady playing poker with his friends. Fallon learns that Lady is losing and gives her a "bodyguard" to help her win. Garry lets two men go in with him, and they arrest the gamblers. Lady sees her bodyguard has cheating devices. Garry tells her he didn't know about the raid.

Charlie bails out Lady before Garry can. Garry admits he was stupid, and Lady goes out with him. Garry takes her to meet his father, and she sees it is Peter, who offers her $50,000. They cut the cards for Garry; Lady wins and weds him. At Monte Carlo Lady wins, and Garry sees Sheila Aiken (Claire Dodd), who returns his ring. Garry tells Lady they were not engaged and sends back her ring.

In New York Garry and Lady entertain. Sheila tells Garry she is engaged. Lady wins at bridge and at 21 wins Sheila's jewelry. Garry asks Lady to return the jewelry, but she refuses. Lady learns that Charlie needs $10,000 bail because of the syndicate. Jealous Garry won't give her the money. Lady bails out Charlie and gives him the pawn ticket for the ice. Garry and Lady tell Charlie to leave. Police inform Lady that Charlie was murdered, and Garry had the pawn ticket. Garry says that Charlie gave it to him. Lady asks Sheila when Garry left her. Sheila demands that Lady divorce Garry. Peter learns that Sheila is testifying and asks Lady to drop her suit. When she won't, he assumes she wants the money. Sheila is deposed, and Lady is divorced. Garry gives Lady the check, and she pretends to be happy; but Peter sees Lady cry and tear up the check. Garry tells Sheila he is not going to marry her and learns the truth. Garry and Peter find Lady on a ship, and she forgives them.

This drama explores the gambling racket and shows how jealousy can endanger a marriage.

Copyright © 2002 by Sanderson Beck

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