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Fugitive Lovers

(1934 b 82')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A chorus girl flees a romantic producer and helps an escaped convict on a bus trip across the country.

Gangster producer Legs Caffy (Nat Pendleton) wants to take chorus-girl Letty Morris (Madge Evans) to Atlantic City; she refuses to go and decides to take a bus to California to get away, but he joins her. Paul Porter (Robert Montgomery) escapes from prison and gets on the back of the bus after placing a car across the highway. He steals a blue suit from the suitcase of Hector Withington (Ted Healey). Letty sits next to Paul to get away from Legs, who learns that Paul is wanted and threatens to tell the police if Paul does not leave with Hector; but Hector decides to stay on the bus. Legs keeps Letty from getting money wired by firing the chorus girl who owes her $50. When Paul realizes that Hector got off the bus and must have found his prison uniform, he flees the bus and jumps on a moving train. He finds Letty in a motel room, but she is being watched by Detective Daly (C. Henry Gordon) and his police.

In a Colorado snowstorm Paul helps to find stranded children in another bus, and Letty urges him to go and find a lost child, which he does. When Daly arrests Paul, Letty asks him to be lenient because of Paul's heroism. In the final scene Letty is visiting Paul in prison when Daly brings him a pardon.

Since Letty is fleeing the unwanted attentions of Legs, she has sympathy for the plight of the fugitive Paul even though it involves risk for her. Although Paul choked a man to steal a car, he probably has the audience on his side most of the time and certainly does so after saving the children. Thus this drama represents the feelings of those who struggle against the powerful and those in authority.

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