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(1934 b 76')

En: 6 Ed: 7

A woman has to choose between her lover who is married and then divorced and another man who wants to marry her.

Richard Fields (Otto Kruger) is hoping to get a divorce when his wife returns from Europe so that he can marry Diane Lovering (Joan Crawford); but Mrs. Fields (Marjorie Gateson) won't consent to a divorce because she likes her social position. Richard tells Diane to go on a cruise to think about whether she wants to stay with him anyway. On ship she brushes off Johnny Smith (Stuart Erwin), who takes Mike Bradley (Clark Gable) to see her. Mike gets Johnny to apologize and protects Diane by removing Johnny, though she discovers his ploy. Diane and Mike play in the pool. Johnny has two señoritas, but Mike prefers Diane. They walk around the deck and have fun. Mike invites her to his horse and cattle ranch in Buenos Aires; but Diane says good-bye.

At a hotel Diane receives flowers from Richard; but Mike finds her and takes her to his ranch. Diane, Johnny, and Mike eat so much they have to loosen their belts. Mike wants to marry Diane, but she tells him about Richard. She feels she owes it to Richard to return and tell him. Before she can, Richard gives her a ring and shows her the news article on his divorce. He won't be able to see his sons, but Diane is his world. Mike gets a letter from Diane that she is getting married with security in New York. With Richard Diane cries at the opera and goes to a horse show. She runs into Mike and offers him a ride in her Rolls-Royce. They walk, and he takes her to a private dinner. Mike asks about her marriage, and she says it is fine. Mike kisses Diane and asks her what happened. She says she couldn't let Richard down after he gave up everything for her. She keeps Mike in her heart and leaves. Mike calls on Fields, and Richard invites Diane's friend for breakfast. Mike observes Richard's love for Diane and decides to leave. Diane sends her love to Johnny, and Mike says good-bye. Richard tells Diane not to pretend anymore, because he knew she was hiding something. He says he had a year of happiness and now wants to make amends. In the final scene at the ranch married Mike and Diane with Johnny get a letter from Richard.

This romantic story explores the difficult choice a woman must make when she loves two men. What makes this an unusual and inspiring film is the respect each of the men has for the other.

Copyright © 1999 by Sanderson Beck

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