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Bachelor Bait

(1934 b 75')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A clerk begins a successful matrimonial bureau and tries to marry his secretary to a wealthy man; but she loves her boss.

William (Stuart Erwin) works at a marriage license bureau and persuades an irate father to let his son get married. George comes in late and tells William to put on a front for confidence; but William is fired. He tells Cynthia (Rochelle Hudson) that he quit to open a matrimonial bureau and writes an ad. William gets hundreds of letters. Taxi driver Van Dusen (Skeets Gallagher) offers his service as a lawyer for Romance, Inc. Business is good, and Barney (Berton Churchill) wants to buy the racket; but William says he is not sensitive. Allie (Pert Kelton) asks Van Dusen for alimony and screams. William tells Van Dusen of millionaire Don Belden, and Van Dusen suggests Allie; but William wants someone untouched. William tells Cynthia what he is looking for and describes her. William offers to chaperone her. Barney tells the District Attorney (Clarence Wilson) to do something.

At the Ritz William finds Don Belden (Grady Sutton) and Cynthia dressed up. They discuss tea. Allie and Van Dusen come in and join them. Allie leaves with Don for a show. William complains about Allie and tells Van Dusen that he wants to find a husband for Cynthia to make her happy. Cynthia wants to go back to her job, but Don comes in and apologizes to her. Don and Cynthia go out, and Allie urges William to take her with them on a boat; but he locks her in a room with him. Alice screams. In New York Don proposes to Cynthia.

Van Dusen tells Cynthia that William went away with Allie. Van Dusen tells William that Cynthia is going to marry Don but that she loves William, and he urges William to say something to Cynthia. Van Dusen and Allie cry. William asks Cynthia to marry, but she says he changed and that she is going to marry Don. Allie reminds Don of their evening together. Cynthia comes in and learns Allie is engaged to Don. Cynthia also finds out that Allie got nowhere with William. When William comes in, Allie says that Don is going to marry her out of gratitude. William castigates Don and demands he marry Cynthia and pay Allie. Don calls the District Attorney and reports a badger game and collusion. William calls on Barney, who offers $50,000 for the business, then buys it for $40,000, but writes a check for $25,000. Romance, Inc. is raided. Barney comes in, and the D. A. says he will resign and drops the charges. Van Dusen and Allie decide to marry again, and William finds no one there to marry but Cynthia.

The good intentions and sensitivity of William and Cynthia are contrasted to the gold-digging of Allie and the greedy corruption of Barney.

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