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Sons of the Desert

(1933 b 68')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Stan and Ollie lie to their wives so they can go to their lodge's convention in Chicago.

At a meeting of the Sons of the Desert lodge Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel swear they will attend the convention in Chicago. Stan is afraid his wife won't let him go, but Ollie is confident. Stan's wife is away duck hunting, and Stan locks himself out. At Ollie's Stan eats a wax apple. Ollie's wife Lottie (Mae Busch) says he can't go, because he and she are going to the mountains. When Ollie complains, she throws dishes at him.

Ollie acts sick, soaking his feet. He falls in the hot water. Stan gets a veterinarian to say that Ollie must go to Honolulu. Stan says he is going to the convention, but Ollie makes him promise to go with him. Stan and Ollie parade in Chicago and have fun with the Sons of the Desert, who play practical jokes on them. They watch hula dancers and tell Charley (Charley Chase) about their wives in Los Angeles. Charley calls his sister, who lives at Ollie's address and is his wife. Stan's wife Betty (Dorothy Christy) and Lottie read about the Honolulu liner sinking and worry so much they go out to check it out.

Ollie and Stan arrive home as Ollie sings "Honolulu Baby" with a ukulele. He sees the news story about the liner, and Stan panics. As Betty and Lottie approach, they hide in the attic. Betty and Lottie go out to the movies and see Stan and Ollie in a newsreel about the convention. Betty tells Lottie that Stan will confess. Ollie and Stan are in bed in the attic like "two peas in a pod, not pot" when they are struck by lightning. Betty with her rifle checks the attic, as Ollie and Stan go on the roof in the rain. Stan is going to tell her all, but Ollie threatens to say he smoked a cigarette. They slide down the drain pipe and are questioned by a policeman. So they knock on the door, and the wives let them in. Ollie and Stan tell stories about the sinking ship and how they "ship-hiked" to get back before the rescue ship. This story holds less water than their suddenly dry pajamas. Betty tells Stan confession is good, and he blurts out everything in a high-pitched voice. Stan and Betty go home next door, and Ollie suggests to Lottie they go to the mountains. She takes dishes out of the cupboard. Betty gives Stan a drink, saying honesty is the best policy, as Lottie throws dishes at Ollie. In the final scene Stan is smoking a cigarette, telling Ollie that Betty said, "Honesty is the best politics."

Numerous slapstick gags and the humorous situations allow audiences to release their tensions in laughter. The men fail to fool their wives; but as Stan admits, he is stuck with his story.

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