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The Son of Kong

(1933 b 70')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Sued for the damage King Kong did, Denham goes back to the island for treasure and finds Kong's son, jewels, and a girl-friend.

In New York Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong) is hounded by lawsuits and reporters because of King Kong. Mickey helps him sneak away on a junk wagon. About to be indicted, Denham sails on the freighter of Captain Englehorn (Frank Reicher). At Dakang he goes to a monkey show. Hilda Petersen (Helen Mack) sings "The Runaway Blues." Her father drinks and fights with Lars Helstrom (John Marston), starting a fire. Hilda saves her father from the fire, but he dies from the fight. Hilda tells Denham she wasn't very good in the circus, but he encourages her. She warns Helstrom she might go to the magistrate. Helstrom meets Denham, to whom he had given the map to Kong's island. He asks Denham if he found the treasure. Hilda asks to go with Denham; but he says no and gives her money.

On the ship Helstrom tells the crew about the dangers. Hilda stowed on board. The crew mutinies with Helstrom. Englehorn, Denham, and Hilda are put in a small boat with the cook, Charlie (Victor Wong). When Helstrom gives orders, the crew laughs and throws him overboard; he gets in their boat. Natives on the island drive Denham and his group away for having brought Kong inside the wall. They take the boat to another place. Denham and Hilda climb a wall and see Kong's son stuck in quick sand. Denham helps him by pushing over a tree trunk. A dinosaur chases Helstrom, Englehorn, and Charlie. Denham shoots at a bear. Kong fights with the bear and drives it away. Hilda tears a strip from her slip, and Denham bandages Kong's finger. Kong shakes a palm tree to bring down coconuts for them. By the fire sleepy Hilda helps Denham watch. The others have not answered his shots.

In the morning Englehorn, Helstrom, and Charlie find their rifle broken. Denham and Hilda discover jewels in a cave. Kong helps but breaks their last rifle. Kong fights a dinosaur. Helstrom runs from Kong to the boat but is killed by a dinosaur in the water. During a huge earthquake Englehorn, Charlie, and Hilda get in the boat. As the island sinks, Kong holds Denham above the water until he is picked up by the boat. Days later they run out of water but are rescued by a ship. Hilda asks Denham to split the treasure three ways between Englehorn, Charlie, and "us." He agrees.

This less meaningful but charming sequel to the adventure classic still appeals to our feelings about large animals as Denham and Hilda interact with the cute "little Kong" in helping each other. Denham tries to redeem himself for Kong's death and ends up rich, though Kong's son dies.

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