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No Other Woman

(1933 b 58')

En: 5 Ed: 5

A steel worker marries and helps his wife's friend develop a successful business but finds another woman and sues for divorce.

Anna (Irene Dunne) encourages young Joe Zarcovia (Eric Linden) and wants to get away from the steel mill, but Jim Stanley (Charles Bickford) likes it there. Jim asks Anna to marry and persuades her with a kiss. They are wed and celebrate dancing. Eli Bogavitch (Christian Rub) and others give Anna wedding money that is pinned to her dress. Jim gets drunk, carries Anna to their run-down home, and goes to work. Anna saves Jim's money in a bank and cooks for boarders. Joe shows Anna the dye he made from waste at the mill. She suggests they start a business with her money. Jim dislikes boarders and tells Anna he is not interested in the business. He complains and goes out to spend money. Jim comes home with a woman drunk but in the morning apologizes. Jim agrees to the business, which grows.

Jim calls Anna about the deal he made and talks to his son Bobbie (Buster Miles). Jim goes out dancing in New York with Margot (Gwili Andre). Anna tells Joe that she misses Jim, who says he is going to New York again but won't take her with him. Joe is concerned about losses and debt. Jim goes to Margot and kisses her. She says she will leave unless he marries her. Jim goes but thinks about her, returning to say he'll marry her. Anna hears gossip and plays golf with Joe. Anna goes to New York. Jim asks her for a divorce, but she wants him to wait a year. Margot comes in and kisses Jim. Anna says she won't give Jim a divorce.

In a trial Anna is accused of adultery with Sutherland (Theodore von Eltz) by testimony of servants and Sutherland. Anna denies it and is cross-examined, causing her to cry. The judge grants the divorce and gives Jim custody of Bobbie. Anna confesses to it all and says Bobbie is not Jim's son. Then Jim confesses that the witnesses lied. Jim goes to prison for suborning perjury. A year later he gets probation and works in the mill. Joe and Eli greet Jim, but he is too ashamed to see Anna. She calls on Jim and says she loves him, and Jim is reunited with his family.

This realistic drama portrays the common story of a husband who goes on binges and falls for another woman even though he has a faithful wife and fine son. The attempt to manipulate a trial backfires, enabling him to learn a hard lesson in prison. Anna cleverly provoked the truth by telling an even more outrageous lie against herself, arousing the pity of the husband who loves her.

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