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Goodbye Again

(1933 b 66')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Based on a play by George Haight and Alan Scott, a popular novelist with a pretty secretary meets an old flame, who is married and has pesky relatives.

Author Kenneth Bixby (Warren William) is in Cleveland with his secretary Anne Rogers (Joan Blondell) and practices a speech criticizing Freud. Julie Wilson (Genevieve Tobin) comes into his hotel room and says she is married. Kenneth forgives her, and she asks him to kiss her. Julie tells Anne that Miriam was based on her. Julie goes out; but her sister Elizabeth (Helen Chandler) and Arthur Westlake (Wallace Ford) come in and ask Anne to keep Kenneth away from Julie. Kenneth dictates a letter to Anne that he is sick and must leave town, but he is going out with Julie, saying he will be a beast to discourage her. Kenneth leaves to lecture. Harvey Wilson (Hugh Herbert) comes in, and Anne calls Kenneth. Harvey waits and dances with Anne. By a fire Kenneth kisses Julie. Harvey gets drunk waiting. Julie cooks eggs for Kenneth, who calls Anne to meet her on the train. Arthur and Elizabeth find Harvey with Anne. Kenneth says good-bye again to Julie and boards the train, finding Anne with Arthur, Elizabeth, and Harvey. Kenneth admits he saw Julie. Arthur sees Julie's bag, and they stay on the train. Kenneth tells Anne that Julie cried. Anne asks Kenneth where his tie and socks are. Anne tells Kenneth to go, and he finds Julie. Harvey tells Kenneth to go to bed and relax. In the morning Julie waves good-bye to Kenneth.

At a hotel Anne sees Julie registering and warns Kenneth of scandal. Julie comes in, but Kenneth says he is working. Anne goes out, and Arthur, Elizabeth, and Harvey find Julie with Kenneth, who goes into a closet. Anne lets Kenneth out and apologizes to everyone. Harvey retains Arthur as his lawyer. Kenneth and Anne are left alone. Anne says that Kenneth lied and slaps him twice. In bed Kenneth calls for a lawyer. Clayton (Hobart Cavanaugh) arrives with his son Theodore (Jay Ward), whom Kenneth sends out for candy. Arthur and Harvey come in, followed by Elizabeth, Julie, and Anne. Arthur argues for a divorce. Clayton agrees, and Kenneth fires him. Kenneth refuses to marry Julie or sign. Harvey tells Kenneth he can have Julie. Kenneth asks Anne and starts to sign; but Anne calls Theodore junior. Anne says that Theodore's mother was Miriam. Julie is disillusioned and leaves with Harvey. Kenneth asks Anne to take him back and threatens to jump out the window. This proves that Anne loves him, and they kiss happily.

This farce of a philandering writer satirizes the effect romantic novels have on women; but his clever secretary manages to eliminate the competition.

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