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Flying Down to Rio

(1933 b 89')

En: 6 Ed: 5

This musical based on a play by Anne Caldwell follows a womanizing band leader down to Rio de Janeiro, where he competes with a marriage arranged to his friend and employer.

At the Miami Date Club the headwaiter instructs the women employees not to become familiar with the customers. Honey Hale (Ginger Rogers) sings, "I Like Music" about how it makes her do things she never should do. The "Brazilian girl" Belinha de Rezende (Dolores del Rio) lures bandleader Roger Bond (Gene Raymond) into dancing with her. Her aunt is quickly informed, and she pays him to stay away from her. Roger's band is hired to play at Julio's hotel opening in Rio de Janeiro. Roger offers Belinha a ride in his plane and lands on the beach to check his engine. He debates with himself whether to fix it, while she discusses her reserve with herself. Roger plays music and kisses Belinha. She tells him a marriage has been arranged for her. She slaps him, and he spanks her. In the morning he is hit by a golf ball, and she takes another plane.

In Rio Roger tells Julio (Raul Roulien) he is in love, but she is promised. Julio calls Belinha, but she won't see him. The Rio band plays the Carioca, as the natives dance in sexy ways. Fred Ayres (Fred Astaire) and Honey put their foreheads together and dance. Roger goes looking for Belinha. Fred finds her but is thrown out. Later Julio introduces Fred to his fiancée Belinha. Julio sings Roger's song "Orchids in Moonlight" to Belinha, and Roger learns that she is Julio's fiancée. Fred dances a tango with Belinha, while Roger tells Julio that usually the girl does the deciding. Fred dances for the new chorus girls until the police stop the rehearsal for lack of a license. So they tie the girls on to the wings of planes. Honey urges Julio to marry Belinha on an airplane. Planes write in the sky, "Hotel Atlantico Presents Yankee Clippers." Roger tells Belinha he is going away; but Julio sees him kissing her good-bye. Fred sings "Flying Down to Rio" as the girls dance on the plane wings while flying. Julio takes Belinha to get married on a sea plane to Roger and then jumps out with a parachute.

Latin music and dancing liven this romantic triangle, which has the Brazilian graciously bowing out before the American. Ironically neither the woman nor the man decided as much as the loser did. This show features lots of pretty young women and some fine dancing.

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