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(1933 b 59')

En: 5 Ed: 5

A woman running an auto company learns how to be feminine when she finds the man she wants.

At the Drake Motor Car Company Alison Drake (Ruth Chatterton) tells the managers to sell cars. She invites Cooper (Johnny Mack Brown) to dinner. She tells a friend she hasn't found a real man. Cooper talks business, but Drake becomes personal and friendly. In the morning Drake directs secretaries from her bed. At the office a secretary tells her he loves her, and she transfers him to Montreal. Cooper sent her flowers, but she puts him off. Drake invites a designer to her house, and they swim in her pool. Finding him too cool, she sends him to study art in Paris. Drake tells her lawyer she intends to get Thorne for the gear shift they need.

Drake reluctantly attends a party. George Mumford (Douglas Dumbrille) asks to marry her to improve their business. She declines and goes out to a shooting gallery, where she meets Jim Thorne (George Brent). They dance in a dance-hall, but he declines to take home "a pick-up." At the factory Drake finds out he is Thorne. She calls him into her office, asks for a working model, and invites him to her house. Drake gives Thorne vodka as he explains the blueprints. He realizes she is a woman away from her work; but he tells her he's not a gigolo and leaves.

Pettigrew (Ferdinand Gottschalk) flirts with typist Miss Frothingham (Ruth Donnelly) and invites her to his flat. Drake gets a report on the personal activities of Thorne. She asks to see his blueprints and wants him at a test run at 8; but he refuses, because he has a date. Pettigrew tells Drake that a strong man like Thorne wants a gentle and feminine woman. Pettigrew invites Thorne to an employee picnic. Thorne finds only Drake there, and she says it was canceled, asking him to light the fire. This time he likes her, and they kiss. Thorne goes into Drake's office, kisses her, and shows her a marriage license. She doesn't want to get married. He lectures her and walks out. Drake tells the managers she doesn't belong there and walks out crying. Pettigrew tells her the job is too much for a woman. Drake returns to tell the managers not to compromise, and she will get the money in New York. Instead she drives her car after Thorne, finding him at a shooting gallery. She says she will marry him, and he says they can still meet the bankers. She tells him to run the business so that she can have nine children.

This romantic comedy explores the professional woman's dilemma between career and marriage. Skilled at business, Drake learns how to be romantic also, and then makes her choice.

Copyright © 1999 by Sanderson Beck

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