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Chance at Heaven

(1933 b 72')

En: 4 Ed: 5

A small-town gas station owner gives up his fiancé to marry an heiress from New York, but she and her mother soon arrange a divorce.

Her parents note how long Marj (Ginger Rogers) has been going with Blacky Gorman (Joel McCrea). She gets his key so she can cook for him. He takes her for granted, but she wants to get married. Blacky runs a gas station he owns. Glory Franklin (Marion Nixon) runs into a bench and charges the gas to her mother's account. Blacky goes to fix her wrecked car and drives her. Blacky dances with Marj, who complains he is thinking of Glory. She has him invite Glory and Sid (George Meeker) to their table. Marj and Glory both say they are engaged. Glory dances with Blacky. Blacky takes Marj home and says they will be married.

Glory drives into Blacky's station, complains about her parents, and cries. He comforts her and kisses her. Marj comes in. Blacky thinks that Glory is way beyond him, but Marj says Glory would take him. Blacky offers to marry Marj right away; but she refuses, because he is not sure. Marj goes away with her parents while the wealthy Franklins have a party. Sid complains to Mrs. Franklin (Virginia Hammond) about Blacky, saying Glory puts him off. Glory asks Blacky to take her to Pleasure Park and whispers to him. He kisses her. Mrs. Franklin gets a telegram from Glory that she married Blacky. Reporters photograph them and ask questions. Marj calls, and Glory invites her over to Blacky's place. Glory plans to do over his house. Marj gives them a block of ice. Mrs. Franklin calls on them, and Marj leaves. Glory says she is happy; but her mother cries and insists they live in New York. Glory's numerous trunks arrive and almost fill Blacky's living-room.

Blacky comes home to find Glory and Marj painting. Glory put her trunks in Marj's cellar. When Blacky kisses Glory, Marj leaves. Glory calls Marj for a recipe, and she comes over and cooks while Glory talks. Blacky sees the redecorated living room, and Glory serves dinner. Glory goes to Marj's and drinks, because of what the doctor told her, saying she is a coward. At the station Al (Andy Devine) tells Blacky about his baby. Mrs. Franklin tells Marj to go to New York with her. Blacky asks Glory about it, and she decides to go.

After two months Blacky calls to find Glory is leaving New York; but Marj tells him her trunks are going to California. Blacky goes to New York, and Mrs. Franklin tells him that Glory has changed and wants her freedom. Glory tells him it's all over, because he married the wrong kind of girl. Mrs. Franklin says the doctor was wrong about the baby, and a divorce is planned. Blacky returns home to find Marj cooking for him and glad to see him.

This negative portrayal of the Franklins shows hostility toward the rich for their superficiality and cowardice. Blacky is seduced by Glory's social status; but the wise, tolerant, and patient Marj knows she will win eventually.

Copyright © 1999 by Sanderson Beck

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