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Blonde Bombshell

(1933 b 96')

En: 7 Ed: 6

Harlow is perfectly cast in this adaptation of a play by Caroline Francke and Mack Crane about a Hollywood star whose life is sabotaged by a zealous publicity man.

Movie star Lola Burns (Jean Harlow) begins her day at 6 getting ready to go on location. Her father (Frank Morgan) joins her for a magazine interview, and she must do retakes for the Hayes office. Publicity agent Space Hanlon (Lee Tracy) talks to Lola through her window and asks for a date. Jim Brogan (Pat O'Brien) now divorced embraces Lola and tries to direct her but complains about her being distracted by the Marquis and her father. Space gets them off the set with flattery and promises.

At the Coconut Grove Immigration arrests the Marquis, and he needs $3,000 bail. Lola gets a check from Jim and writes to the studio executive to fire Space. The Marquis complains to Lola the check was cancelled. Space tells Lola he is a failure but wants to give her nice publicity. So Lola tells the executive to forget her letter. Lola and Space argue about Jim. Lola does domestic photos, and a writer asks if she wants children. Lola decides to adopt an orphan. The press informs Space about Lola's baby, and he makes some calls from the neighbor's house, resulting in her brother arriving drunk and Jim and the Marquis having a fight while the ladies from the orphanage are visiting Lola. Reporters are there to get the story from Space, and Lola cries. She tells off her father, brother, her secretary, and Space.

Lola has disappeared. Space takes a call in the executive's office and goes to get Lola. He finds her at a desert hotel and says they need her for Alice in Wonderland. Lola goes riding and is accosted for the third time by a lunatic claiming to be her husband. She is rescued by Gifford Middleton (Franchot Tone), and they spend the day together. He wants to marry her and take her away and introduces her to his Boston parents; but Space brings in her alcoholic father. The Middletons are aghast to learn she is the notorious movie star, and Gifford cancels the whole thing. Lola stalks out and cries again. Space consoles her, and she goes back to the studio. Space pays off the three Middletons for their acting. Back at work getting made up, Lola is kissed by Space. Then she learns that the Middletons are actors, and in the final scene she is shouting at the persistent Space.

This comedy explores the frantic life-style of a busy film star promoted by wild publicity and surrounded by leaching relatives, numerous servants, pets, and men wanting to romance her. The publicity agent uses various tricks to keep his star's name in the headlines even though it makes a shambles of her personal life.

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