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The Tenderfoot

(1932 b 70')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A cowboy from Texas goes to New York and invests $20,000 in a show that flops before it is turned into a satire.

Cowboy Calvin Jones (Joe E. Brown) arrives in New York, gives a beggar a sandwich, recognizes a horse, and eats at a kosher restaurant. Producers Sam Lehman (Lew Cody) and Mack (Robert Greig) learn he has $20,000 in cash. Mack takes Calvin to the Follies. Lehman asks his secretary Ruth (Ginger Rogers) not to quit, offering her $100. Miss Barton (Vivien Oakland) comes in and complains about Lehman's rubber check, threatening to withdraw from the cast. Calvin and Mack watch chorus girls in a show. Lehman tells Calvin their show is about cowboys. When Calvin meets Ruth, he takes 49% of the show for his money. He dictates to Ruth a letter to his mother.

Ruth gets her $100 and quits; but Calvin is disappointed, and she changes her mind. Calvin gives her flowers. Calvin buys a hat and puts the brim down. "Her Golden Sin" opens in Syracuse and flops. Calvin proposes to a photo of Ruth, and she hears. She takes Calvin to Lehman. He criticizes the scenery. Miss Barton complains about her leading man. Calvin brings in hotel servants he gave tickets; but they saw a different show. Lehman tells Calvin to get out. Ruth complains, and Lehman fires her. Ruth tells Calvin she couldn't fall for a man without a backbone and tells him to do something. Calvin tells Lehman to take Ruth back. He buys control of the show for $200 down and $5,000 the next day. Ruth tells Calvin the show is no good. Calvin tells a man who wants to be a producer the story of the play about a girl who slips with a melodramatic finish. Calvin sells 49% for $5,000.

The show lacks costumes to open in New York. Calvin says to use Shakespearean costumes. Miss Barton refuses to go on, and Calvin replaces her with Ruth. The show is a success as a satire. Mack tells Calvin he must buy five charity tickets at $500 each. Calvin takes none. Ruth is held by Mack, who says tickets are $1,000. Calvin puts on his guns and goes to Mack. Spike pulls a gun, but Calvin kicks it away and pulls his guns. Calvin tells Ruth to go out and warns Mack and his gang; but he walks into a closet and is knocked on the head. Calvin is nearly shot by a jealous husband (Nat Pendleton). Calvin rides a horse in traffic, ropes Mack and ties him. In the final scene Calvin and his wife Ruth have children and are putting on a show in Beeseville.

This comedy plays upon the contrast between a naive cowboy in modern New York as he is exploited by gangsters but saved by Ruth's love.

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