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The Strange Love of Molly Louvain

(1932 b 73')

En: 6 Ed: 6

Based on a play by Maurine Watkins, an orphaned woman has a child and is caught up with a racketeer but meets a reporter covering her case.

Molly Louvain (Ann Dvorak) cries, and Ralph (Don Dillaway) invites her to meet his mother. Molly works at a counter but won't go out with salesman Nick Grant (Leslie Fenton). Jimmy (Richard Cromwell) brings Molly's new dress, and she gets stockings from Nick. At his mansion Molly learns that Ralph is gone. Jimmy finds her drinking in Nick's room. Molly travels in Nick's car for two years. Molly pays a woman to take care of her child Ann Marie. Molly complains of Nick's rackets, won't tell him who the father of Ann Marie is, and leaves him. Jimmy sees Molly at a dance hall. Drunk Nick takes them in a stolen car. Police chase Nick, who wounds one and is shot while Molly drives away with Jimmy.

Molly becomes blonde. Jimmy and her rent an apartment. Scotty Cornell (Lee Tracy) comes in to answer the phone and is told to cover Molly's story. She tells Scotty she needed money for her baby. Scotty asks her to cook for him and helps, but he calls her a tinsel girl. Scotty learns the cop died and gives Molly a drink. Scotty tells her he is looking for Molly Louvain. Scotty tells reporters he is going to Hollywood. Policeman Pop (Guy Kibbee) says they are watching Molly's kid. Jimmy tells Molly he couldn't see Ann Marie. Captain Slade (Charles Middleton) has police search a block, but Scotty keeps two cops out of Molly's apartment but notices she is jumpy. Molly tells Jimmy that she doesn't love him but agrees to start over by marrying him. Jimmy tells Scotty, who tries to talk him out of it. Molly is angry that Scotty thinks she is a tramp. Scotty kisses her, and Jimmy comes back in. Molly tells Jimmy she is not going with him. Scotty tells Molly that Jimmy is her chance, because he won't marry her. Molly says good-bye to Jimmy and plans to leave with Scotty anyway.

Scotty has radio report that Molly's daughter is sick and needs her. Scotty tries to get Pop and reporter Skeets (Frank McHugh) to collect money owed him. Molly turns herself in and is disbelieved until they take her to Nick. Scotty collects bets for bringing her in. Captain Slade questions her for four hours. Molly confesses in order to see Ann Marie, who is fine. Molly learns it was Scotty's trick, and he realizes she is Molly. Scotty says he is sorry and that she has changed. He promises not to leave her, and they kiss.

This mature melodrama portrays a woman caught in circumstances like the mother who abandoned her. A cynical reporter sees what she is but is moved to sincerity by her turning herself in to help her daughter.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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