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The Rich Are Always With Us

(1932 b 71')

En: 5 Ed: 5

In this adaptation of E. Pettit's novel a rich woman is divorced when her husband falls in love with a younger woman; but she eventually marries the writer who has always loved her.

Caroline (Ruth Chatterton) tells the novelist Julian (George Brent) that she and Greg are peacefully married. Julian persists in loving Caroline even though Malbro (Bette Davis) is after him. Caroline throws a roulette party to raise money for charity. Caroline tells Greg (John Miljan) that Julian has been proposing to her. After Caroline sees them kissing, Allison (Adrienne Dore) tells her that she and Greg are in love with each other. Greg admits he loves Allison and wants to marry her. Caroline agrees to divorce but warns Allison there is more than sex attraction. Caroline has Greg's personal things sent to him and closes her house. Caroline calls on Julian and asks him to hold her but does not want to kiss him. Malbro barges in with Caroline's parents for a drink.

Caroline goes to Paris to get her divorce. She calls Julian and talks with the persistent Malbro too. Julian sails and is met in Paris by Caroline, but he has to fly to Belgrade that night. He proposes again, but Caroline says she needs time to think things out. Malbro calls from New York to say that Greg and Allison are married, though Greg is not doing well financially. When Caroline offers to help him, Julian leaves. Caroline follows, only to see his plane taking off.

Caroline returns to be met by Malbro and her parents. Julian is back and is seeing Malbro. Julian finds that Caroline's mothering of Greg has defeated him. Greg is handling business for her, and Allison is expecting a child. Julian tells Malbro he is going to China and India; he does not want to giver her any false hope. Malbro tells Caroline that Julian is going away for a year. She finds Julian, says she loves him, and they spend the whole night on the couch. Julian says they must leave for China that night. Allison tries to spread scandal about Caroline, but Greg stops her. He becomes so angry at her that he cracks up the car. Allison is killed, and Greg lands in the hospital. Julian and Caroline get a marriage license. Caroline goes to the hospital and promises Greg she will not leave him. However, she finds a judge in another room so that she and Julian can be married before he leaves for China.

The audience can identify with the strong characters of Caroline and Julian while observing the weakness of Greg, the immaturity of Allison, and the feistiness of Malbro. The compassionate Caroline goes through a natural process of change.

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