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Play Girl

(1932 b 60')

En: 5 Ed: 5

A woman leaves her job and marries a man before learning he is a gambler.

At a department store Buster Green (Loretta Young) gets assigned to infants wear, and her roommate Georgine Hicks (Winnie Lightner) gets plumbing supplies. At a dance-hall Georgine dances with Elmer (James Ellison). Wallie Dennis (Norman Foster) bets he can pick up Buster, but she says he is too fresh. Wallie goes to see Buster and buys baby bonnets. Buster says her mother died when she was born. Buster and Georgine go camping on vacation. Buster wakes up Wallie, who was up late playing poker. After two weeks Wallie and Buster are kissing, and he asks her to marry. Finkelwald (Guy Kibbee) goes hiking with Georgine and asks her about bathrooms. Buster tells Wallie that she is happy. Wallie loses at the races and tells Buster that he is broke without a job. Buster learns that he is a professional gambler and complains he married her on a lie. Wallie says he wanted to give her nice things and promises to get a job. She gives him money to pay the bill.

Buster has Georgine, Edna (Dorothy Burgess), and Elmer over for dinner. Georgine admires Buster's clothes. Finkelwald arrives, and Wallie calls he'll be late. Wallie plays poker and comes in after two. Buster complains that he has been gambling and says she is pregnant. Wallie gets a job and works as a car mechanic. Martie Happ (Noel Madison) urges Wallie to gamble. Buster learns that Wallie withdrew $90 from their account. She gets angry and tells Wallie to get out. He takes the bags and goes. Buster signs for a new baby carriage from Wallie that was on sale for $90.

Buster goes back to work and tells Georgine that Wallie left. Georgine says she is going to marry Finkelwald. Buster adds up her weekly budget but bets on a horse. Martie sees her and says that Wallie is in New Orleans. Buster wins 30-1 on Baby Mine. Buster is fired for missing work. Edna tells Georgine that Buster lost her job and is looking for a man. Georgine finds Buster in a room. Buster says she needs $305 for a good hospital, and Georgine gives her $50. Buster has Martie bet it on Baby Mine, who wins; but Martie lies that he bet it on another horse. Wallie hears and fights Martie. Police arrive and help Wallie get Buster to a hospital in an ambulance. Wallie tells Buster that he has money, and it will be different. They realize they love each other. Wallie prays for Buster. In the final scene Finkelwald, Georgine, Wallie, and Buster admire the baby girl.

This melodrama is a cautionary tale about the instability of gambling. Yet somehow Wallie's risk-taking and boldness is part of his charm, and in desperation Buster comes to like gambling too.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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