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Million Dollar Legs

(1932 b 62')

En: 6 Ed: 5

A brush salesman in love with the President's daughter gets athletic Klopstokia to enter the Olympic games.

In Klopstokia brush manufacturer Baldwin (George Barbier) boards ship. His salesman Migg Tweeney (Jack Oakie) runs to catch the boat, knocking down Angela (Susan Fleming). Migg says he loves her, brushing her backside. She tells her father, Klopstokia President (W. C. Fields), that Migg is handsome. The cabinet plots to overthrow the President and take over the mines. They are led by secretary of the Treasury (Hugh Herbert), because he defeats the others in arm wrestling. Then the President defeats him. Migg asks to marry Angela, who says he must ask her father. The President says the country needs money and tells the cabinet to get it. When Migg asks the President about Angela, he has him removed. The President defeats the Treasury secretary at Indian wrestling. Angela sees Migg talking with the guards and tells her father that he is a wizard. The President tells Migg to help him get eight million dollars, and he can marry Angela. A spy (Ben Turpin) takes notes. Migg suggests they enter the Olympic games.

The cabinet meets underground. The President sends his Major-Domo (Andy Clyde) in a goat costume. Migg and Angela flee by speed-boat, but the Major-Domo is a fast runner. The cabinet goes to Mata Machree (Lyda Roberti), "the woman no man can resist." She sings "When I Get Hot" while dancing seductively and agrees to help for a price. Angela gives Migg an old Klopstokian love song, and she dives off the bridge into the river.

Migg and Angela sail with the Klopstokian athletes. Mata cuddles a runner, Migg, a jumper, and then Migg again, making Angela jealous. The President and Treasury secretary exercise while Migg sings to Angela. They take the train, while the Major-Domo runs alongside. The Treasury secretary tells Mata to lower the team's morale. A child engineer took the train to San Francisco. That night Mata meets the athletes, and, jealous, they fight each other. At the games in Los Angeles the Klopstokian team walks on crutches. Angela tells Migg to give them a pep talk and kisses him. Angela goes and gets Mata. They do the high dive. Mata gives in, and Angela wins a medal. Angela has Mata tell the men she does not love them. Then the Klopstokian team wins many events. In weight lifting Mata inspires the Treasury secretary to lift; but Migg makes the President mad, and he wins weight lifting and the shot put as well. In the final scene Baldwin defeats the President at Indian wrestling.

Political power is satirized as based on physical strength. Ironically winning amateur athletics is seen as the way to gain money for the country.

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