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Girl Crazy

(1932 b 74')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Partly based on a Guy Bolton play with Gershwin songs, a playboy opens a dude ranch in an Arizona town where they kill sheriffs.

Danny Churchill (Eddie Quillan) arrives in Custerville, Arizona and meets Molly Gray (Arline Judge), who says his father sent him there, because he is girl crazy. His telegram summons gambler Slick Foster (Robert Woolsey) and his singing wife Kate Foster (Kitty Kelly) to his new dude ranch. They take the taxi of Jimmy Deagan (Bert Wheeler) from Chicago. They get stopped by a cop they think is a dummy and spend ten days in jail. The taxi's brakes go out, and it crashes in Custerville. Another sheriff has been murdered, and a mob tries to hang Slick; but Kate says Jimmy did it. Patsy (Dorothy Lee) tries to stop the lynching, and a bus of chorus girls distracts the men. Womanizer George Mason (Brooks Benedict) also came and meets Molly. Jimmy tells Slick the taxi bill is $465; but each forgets half of it. Jimmy finds his sister Tessie (Mitzi Green) is there too.

Danny's Dude Ranch opens with dancing and gambling. Kate sings "I Got Rhythm." Tessie helps Jimmy woo Patsy while ordering food. Jimmy and Patsy sing "You've Got What Gets Me," and Patsy, Jimmy, and Tessie tap dance. Jimmy chases Tessie. Slick and Danny ask Jimmy to run for sheriff against Lank Sanders (Stanley Fields). Slick and Jimmy give voters cigars, and Jimmy speaks against Lank. Lank threatens Jimmy and makes Slick speak for him. Slick says Lank is fit to sleep with pigs. Jimmy is elected, and Lank looks for him. Jimmy and Slick dress as Indians.

Danny looks for Molly; but she goes across the border with George. Jimmy and Slick go also and see Kate and Patsy. Kate sees that George checked in with a wife. Tessie tells Molly to apologize to Danny. Tessie, Danny, and Molly sing "Not For Me," and Tessie does imitations. Slick and Jimmy woo señoritas. Slick puts gasoline in a drink for Lank; but Lank makes Jimmy and Slick drink it, putting them into a drunken stupor. Slick hypnotizes the bartender. Lank is about to shoot Jimmy when Slick hypnotizes him; but a señorita snaps him out of it, and Lank chases Jimmy and Slick. Slick hypnotizes himself in a mirror. Lank fights Jimmy. Lank shoots Jimmy but hits his sheriff badge. Kate and Patsy catch Slick and Jimmy with señoritas. Danny asks Molly to marry while Jimmy and Slick run from Lank. Jimmy finally knocks Lank out with a pot, and in the last scene Slick embraces Kate while kissing a señorita.

This satire spoofs westerns by juxtaposing rough cowboys to playboys, gamblers, and chorus girls from a modern city. Comedy is also made out of hypnotism.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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