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Fireman, Save My Child

(1932 b 67')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A fireman plays baseball but would rather sell his fire-extinguishing invention than play in the World Series.

Fireman Joe Grant (Joe E. Brown) is urged to pitch on the local baseball team but runs off to fight a fire while the players wait. The hose fails as the sauerkraut building burns. Joe returns to the game, and kids admire the winning Joe. Sally (Evalyn Knapp) shows Joe a telegram offering him $7500 to play baseball in St. Louis. Joe says that his bomb extinguishes fires, and he hopes to sell his invention so he can marry Sally; but she suggests he play ball.

Joe plays for St. Louis, and manager Pop (Guy Kibbee) says he is the greatest pitcher. Players mock Joe for wanting to chase fire engines. On the train June (Lilian Bond) asks Larkin and Stevens to get her money, and they send Joe to her. June and Joe blush. Sally is sending money to Joe from his account. Joe tells June that he has to explain to his fiancé Sally that the money is for his extinguisher. June causes Joe and her to fall into the lake, and she saves him. June kisses Joe and says they are engaged. Pop learns that Joe has a cold and blames June. In the World Series Joe pitches poorly, because June put a mustard pack on his arm. Joe is writing to break his engagement with Sally when she arrives. Sally asks about the money, and Joe says he gave it for a patent lawyer. Sally uses ointment on Joe, and June comes in and says that they are engaged. Sally leaves. Joe writes letters to June that he loves Sally but keeps crumpling them. Joe gets a note for a meeting about his extinguisher and waits all night and the next day.

Manager Pop says they need Joe in the final game. Papers report that Joe Grant is missing. Joe gets to try his invention and starts a fire; but he picked up the wrong brief-case. As the curtains burn, he gets the bombs and puts out the fire. Joe signs a contract and gets a check for $5,000. The fire chief asks Joe to win the game and takes him there fast. Pop tells Joe to pitch. Joe insists on batting, or he won't play next year. Joe hits a triple. He hears a fire alarm, is caught in a pickle, and is hit by the ball but falls on the plate for the winning run. In the final scene Joe weds Sally and has larger bombs so that their children won't swallow them.

Joe represents the naive hick from a small-town who triumphs over the city slickers despite their clever maneuvers and marries his faithful girl-friend. This farce also satirizes the extraordinary importance people place on baseball as compared to extinguishing fires that saves lives and property.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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