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Carnival Boat

(1932 b 62')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Spectacular logging scenes highlight this drama of a timberjack boss who wants his son to replace him as boss rather than run off with a showgirl.

Boss Jim Gannon (Hobart Bosworth) tells owner Charley Lane (Charles Sellon) the logging equipment is worn out. Lane complains the lumberjacks are playing games, as foreman Buck Gannon (William Boyd) and Hack Logan (Fred Kohler) compete with each other in felling trees. Jim stops a fight and gets the men back to work. Lane tells Jim that after thirty years he needs a rest. Either Buck or Logan must replace him. The carnival boat arrives, but Jim doesn't like its influence on the men. Buck and Hack drink, and Buck calls on Honey (Ginger Rogers). She performs, singing "How I Could Go For You." Buck can't talk to Honey; so he kisses her and suggests marriage, saying he could get another job. Buck sees Jim, who complains about the men being on the carnival boat. Buck leaves with Jim but goes back.

Jim orders a second load of cars on the train, but he doesn't know the brakes haven't been fixed yet. Jim fires the engineers who won't take a double load, and Logan refuses. So he takes the comic-relief goof-ups Baldy (Edgar Kennedy) and Stubby (Harry Sweet). Buck is told about the bad brakes. He rides a log on wires to board the train as it speeds downhill. Buck separates cars to lighten the load, runs along the logs, connects hoses, and applies the brakes. The train runs into cars; but Jim tells Buck that he is all right. Buck says that Jim was thinking of him so that he could have his job. Baldy learns that Stubby has been letting him do the heavy sawing.

Lane tells Buck that there aren't enough logs in the lake. Buck promises more and keeps the logs moving. Hack tells Honey that Buck isn't coming because of his father. She calls Buck because it's her last night there; but he says some other night. Lane tells Buck they have more logs than they can handle. Honey misses Buck and goes to Jim, saying Buck would go with her. Jim says Buck will replace him as boss. Buck comes in and says Jim is right. Honey says good-bye. Buck tells Jim that he drove her away, that he and Honey are leaving. An alarm sounds because of a log jam. If the dam breaks, the logs will be lost. Buck and Hack risk their lives taking dynamite to break the jam. Each nearly dies, and afterward they fight. Buck knocks out Hack. Buck sees the carnival boat leaving; but Honey says she missed the boat. Buck says she is staying there, and she fixes Jim's tie.

Exciting action, human conflict, romance, and a good song keep this short film entertaining as it portrays the work of lumberjacks.

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