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Beauty and the Boss

(1932 b 65')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Adapted from Ladislaus Fodor’s play, a bank president fires his attractive secretary and hires an efficient one, but he falls in love with the latter.
      Bank President Baron Josef von Ullrich (Warren William) returns to Vienna by plane from America and only has time for business. He dictates to secretary Olive Frey (Mary Doran) but notices she is pretty. He complains about the distraction and fires her. The elderly Count von Tolheim (Frederick Kerr) tells the Baron he is devoted to young women and old wine. Olive asks for another chance. The Baron gives her a drink and says she is an evening girl and not an employee, giving her six months salary. Ludwig Pfeffer (Charles Butterworth) dines and is watched by the poor Susie Sachs (Marian Marsh). She asks to see the bank president but is sent away. Susie takes a tray to the Baron and asks to be a stenographer. She refuses to go and explains how efficient she is. She takes dictation quickly, and the Baron hires her. The Baron goes to lunch, and Susie calls to order groceries.
      The Baron takes a plane to Paris. There Susie types, and women call. Paul von Ullrich (David Manners) admires Susie and asks her to dance. Susie gives Ludwig the work she did. Miss Frey comes in and asks Susie to tell the Baron she is in room 15. Susie learns the merger is completed, and she tells Ludwig to send the telegrams she wrote. The Baron tells Susie to go out with the Count. The Baron smells perfume and asks who was there, telling Susie he always wants to see Miss Frey. He orders Susie to take flowers to Miss Frey. Miss Frey calls, and the Baron asks her out. Susie delivers the flowers, and Miss Frey tells her she does not know how to be a woman, then telling her what to do. Susie schedules evening meetings for the Baron.
      The Count admires Susie’s gown, and she invites Paul to join them. They go to the bar, while the Baron notices Susie’s beauty. She puts her head on his shoulder and says the love she wants. The Baron chases her around the room, and the Count and Paul return. The Baron tells Susie to cancel his date with Miss Frey. Susie shows him his appointments and leaves with the Count and Paul. Susie escapes from Paul in a carriage. Miss Frey shows the Baron the carrots Susie delivered. The Baron asks the Count and Paul to look for Susie. Susie comes in and says she is well fed but unsatisfied. The Baron gives her notice and six months salary. The next day Susie says good-bye. The Baron tells her to take a message that he is leaving with his wife. Then he dictates a love letter to Susie and kisses her. Ludwig says it looks like another merger.
      Sexual innuendo pervades this office comedy that also reflects the desperation of the unemployed.

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