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The Woman Between

(1931 b 73')

En: 4 Ed: 5

Based on a play by Irving Kaye Davis, a son of a wealthy man discovers he is in love with his stepmother.

Doris Whitcomb (Miriam Seegar) takes Helen Weston (Anita Louise) to Madame Julie's for a new dress that is enticing. Julie (Lila Damita) married Doris's father John Whitcomb, but the dress shop keeps her independent. Doris tells her father (O. P. Heggie) that her brother Victor came back. John asks Julie to stop running around. Julie fears that Victor hates her but has not met him. Julie gets a call from Paul and says no, but he comes in despite his promise not to see her. Paul (Lester Vail) says she does not lover her husband, but Julie tells him to go. John waits for Victor. Helen's parents arrive. Victor Whitcomb (Lester Vail) arrives and is greeted by Doris. John lets Victor come to him. Helen and her parents greet Victor. Julie is afraid to meet Victor and discovers he is Paul. John persuades Victor to stay there. Victor says he used the name Paul Niles on his expedition. Helen hopes to attract Victor. Julie asks John why he married her, and he does not give a reason. John tells his associates he wants Victor to replace him, and he plans to buy a villa.

Victor asks Julie why she avoids him when she loves him, and he says he loves her. At her shop Julie finds John waiting and says she had lunch with Victor. John asks Julie to attend his dinner, and she sings for the guests. Helen adores Victor, but he ignores her and dances with Julie. Doris complains that Victor did not dance with her. Doris tells Buddy (Lincoln Stedman) she will marry him. Helen's mother gets Victor to dance with Helen and tells Julie that Victor's mother hoped he would marry Helen. John tells Julie he is going to Washington. Victor tells Julie he is going to inform his father, but first John tells Victor he is giving him his business and leaves. Doris realizes about Victor and Julie. Doris writes a letter to her father and gives it to the butler Barton (Halliwell Hobbes). Doris gets angry at Julie and leaves with Buddy. Victor tells Doris he loves Julie, but her suspicion is false. Victor asks Julie to go to sea with him, and she says yes. Julie takes the letter from Barton and learns that John got her clothes ready for a trip. John returns and tells Julie he bought a villa near Paris because he loves her. Julie gives John the letter from Doris, but he rips it up without opening it. He asks Julie to travel with him, and she embraces him happily. John tells Barton only two will be there for dinner.

This domestic triangle can result when an older man marries a younger woman; but she has the choice to remain true to her marriage or to follow her passion.

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