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(1931 b 70')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Adapted from a play by Kate Jordan, while her husband is in India, a woman meets a Spaniard in Paris and is tempted by romance.

Robert Maury (Paul Cavanagh) is going to Bombay on business but is sending his bride Elsie Maury (Kay Francis) to Paris, leaving behind Robert's sister Honora Maury (Nance O'Neil), who resents Elsie. Paula Vrain (Doris Lloyd) gets Elsie made over in Paris, and Elsie meets Don Arturo (Ricardo Cortez), who brings her home in the morning and invites her to Spain. Elsie learns that Robert is arriving after a year and says good-bye to Arturo. Serafin (John St. Polis) warns Arturo not to return to Spain. Arturo calls exercising Paula to bring Elsie to a party. Arturo tells Paula he loves Elsie and asks her to invite her to Spain; but Elsie declines. Elsie dances with Arturo. Elsie's maid Julie (Adrienne D'Abrimcourt) tells Robert where Elsie went. Arturo kisses Elsie, who sees Robert. They go home, and Robert embraces Elsie, who pulls away. They seem strangers to each other, and Robert objects to her makeup. Robert says he must go to London for a meeting the next day. Elsie asks for a few days and takes a train to Bilbao in Spain.

Serafin greets Elsie, and they take a coach. Arturo welcomes Elsie to his home. Paula is not there yet, and Elsie wants to leave. When Arturo kisses her, Elsie admits she loves him. Elsie writes to Robert that she is not going back to him. Arturo seals the letter and gives it to Serafin for Eduardo to take. Arturo puts his ring on Elsie's finger. Carlos comes in and says his young daughter and her child by Arturo have died, and he shoots Arturo twice. Serafin tells Elsie that Arturo is dead because of her. Elsie wants to stop the letter and takes the coach. Elsie tells Julie it was too late and feels ashamed. Julie tells Elsie to fly to London.

Robert asks Elsie if she is unhappy and if they can start again. Elsie gets the mail, and Honora tells Robert her suspicions; but he reprimands his sister. Honora finds a news clipping Elsie dropped and shows it to Robert. Honora accuses Elsie and plans to leave. Serafin comes in and asks Elsie to influence Robert on mining concessions, showing her the letter. Robert comes in, takes the letter, and gives it to Elsie. She tells him to read it, but he finds the paper blank. Elsie realizes that Arturo must have burned her letter. Robert tells Elsie that it is all over, and she tells him that she loves him.

This romantic melodrama points out the dangers of a long separation and an affair with an unscrupulous womanizer. Elsie is courageous enough to reveal the truth rather than be black-mailed and is fortunate her husband is forgiving.

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